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September 17, 2020

Re-Entry to Workplace: 8 Handy Tips for Sales Professionals

Thousands of Canadians found themselves out of work because of COVID-19. Some were furloughed or forced to work from home, and many others were simply out of a job. As…

Rhys Metler

Thousands of Canadians found themselves out of work because of COVID-19. Some were furloughed or forced to work from home, and many others were simply out of a job. As the economy starts to open up more and more, we are starting to see more professionals re-enter the workforce. This is especially the case with sales professionals. As companies ramp up again, they are going full force with sales to boost revenue and also serve the needs of their customers.

If you are going back into the workforce, it’s important to do so safely. Our Toronto sales recruiters outline some handy tips for sales professionals who are in the process of re-entering the workplace.

1. Connect With Your Network

Connecting with your professional network is one of the most effective ways to kick start your re-entry into the workplace. If you are going back to the same company, speak with your colleagues and managers to get a sense of the situation you’ll be going back to.

If you are looking for a new role, speak with other sales professionals you know. Get a sense of who is hiring and for which positions. Get some advice on your career plans, resume, interviewing skills, and get answers to questions you have. Your network is one of the best resources you have. Tap into it.

2. Assess Your Risk Level

The risks associated with coronavirus are very real. Even with all the safety measures taken by the government and workplaces, you still need to proceed with caution. Every company’s and employee’s situation is unique. You need to assess your risk level and determine if going back to your previous job is right for you or to look for a new job. Consider your health condition, the condition of others in your bubble, and the things that could put you at risk. Do you take public transportation? Are you interacting with customers in person? Is your office in a high traffic location? Has there been a lot of community transmission of the virus in your region? These are all factors to consider when re-entering the workforce.

3. Ask Employers About Safety Protocols

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A job interview is your opportunity to ask questions about how employers operate. Given the current conditions, it is your opportunity to ask prospective employers about the steps they have in place to keep the workplace safe. Do they offer support for mental health and wellness? Ask about what support is provided to employees and the steps that will be taken if there is another shutdown. Ask about how work will change and plans the company has in place. In particular, ask about how your role will change if another outbreak occurs.

4. Keep Things in Perspective

It’s important to remember that your workplace is not the same as pre-COVID. The work environment has changed and so as the economy. Expect things to be different. How you work and who you work with will be different and could continue to change regularly.

You need to keep things in perspective. Don’t get hung up on job levels and titles. Many companies right now are in survival mode and are doing what it takes to keep operations afloat. Focus on getting back to work, proving yourself, and you’ll find yourself at the level where you should be in due time.

5. Think Long Term

Whether you are going back to a previous role or you are starting with a new company, now it is more important than ever for sales professionals to think long term. Look for opportunities with companies that are recession-resistant and likely to thrive during an economic downturn. These companies are less likely to make cuts, and you will have greater job security.

6. Be Prepared to Work Remotely

Even if a role is not a remote position, you should prepare yourself for having to work remotely at some point. It’s the reality of current conditions. Become familiar with the tools and technology required to work remotely. This will help you ease the transition into remote work and minimize the effects on your productivity level.

7. Be Open to Different Job Opportunities

Flexibility is important for companies and sales professionals. Expect companies to offer a number of different work conditions. Some companies may offer full-time permanent roles. But also expect companies to offer contracts, freelance, part-time, and temporary roles as they work through the pandemic. Be open to different types of opportunities. A short term or temporary role can lead to a full-time position.

8. Continue to Add New Tech Skills to Your Toolbox

Sales companies prefer professionals with diverse skillsets. They seek out professionals who are flexible and adaptive to change. Whether you are currently working or looking for a new role, now is always a great time to add a new sales skill, especially a technology-based skill. Companies are using sales technology more and more to streamline the sales process and become more efficient. Become familiar with new sales software and tools. This will make you a more valuable asset to your organization.

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