Does SalesForce Search Recruit for Any Type of Position Other Than Sales?

No, SalesForce Search recruits exclusively in sales. Our expertise is sales, and by specializing in the recruitment of sales people we have established a large network of sales professionals across North America.

Why Should I Use SalesForce Search for My Sales Recruiting Needs Instead of My Company’s Internal Resources?

SalesForce Search has expertise in sales and the established network of sales professionals that your internal recruitment department may not have access to. Our interview process is sales specific and we put our candidates through a series of sales assessment tests.

What Differentiates Your Firm from Other Sales Recruitment Firms?

SalesForce Search uses a unique and systematic interview scoring process that assesses and rates candidates on specific selling skills, alignment to client requirements, and intangibles. This process ensures that you will be presented with top candidates who have exceptional selling skills and are a great fit with the role and your company.

What Sources Do You Use to Recruit Top Sales People?

Our primary source of top sales talent is our established network of thousands of sales professionals. Our sales recruitment team also finds candidates through direct recruitment, internet recruiting, and referrals.

How Do You Elevate and Assess Sales Talent?

All of our candidates are put through sales specific interviews and complete sales assessment tests. The results are combined to systematically rate each candidate not only on their selling skills and/or sales management abilities, but also on how closely they align to your company’s culture and the specific requirements of the role.

How Long Does the Recruitment Process Take to Complete?

The length of the recruitment process will vary depending on the role. More senior roles, or roles that have more specific requirements, tend to take longer. We have found the amount of time the recruitment process takes depends primarily on the client’s availability to meet and make decisions about candidates.

Do You Offer a Guarantee If One of Your Placements Leaves?

Yes, we offer a guarantee on all of our placements. If one of our candidates leaves your company within the guarantee period, we redo the search at no additional cost.

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