“When it came time for me to hire new sales staff, SalesForce Search was able to identify an ideal candidate quickly, saving me time and money.”

– Rick Denley, Ontario Sales Manager, Redirack

“I would recommend SalesForce Search and their team for conducting searches in the Sales, Business Development field. They are well connected, have in-depth experience, and a great recruitment process.”

– Judy Holcomb-Williams, VP Human Resources, Trillium Health Care Products

“I was especially impressed with the number of candidates forwarded, SalesForce Search’s understanding of our requirements and culture, the fit of the candidates based on those requirements, the urgency and commitment they showed in assisting us to fill the position as quickly as possible, the constant communication and the additional assistance in addressing any outstanding questions and concerns regarding our eventual hire.”

– George Kyriakakos, Regional Sales Manager, TAB

“SalesForce Search distinguished themselves with a refreshingly professional, engaged, and collaborative approach to projects. I find them to be intuitive, supportive, reliable and very business-effective.”

– Peter Wright, Sales Executive, CDS Global


Our goal at SalesForce Search is to help companies build top performing sales teams and help them hit their sales targets. Sales is the most critical component of every organization and hiring great salespeople is challenging. We help companies save time and money by finding the right sales person quickly and ensuring your organization hits their sales targets.

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