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Your sales team is directly linked to your company’s revenue and growth. Putting the right sales people in the right positions is vital to drive your business forward and achieve your vision. To find the right people you need to have the right network, and the means to attract them to your organization. Once you’ve found them you need to make sure they can do the job, so you need effective processes and evaluation tools to make sure you have the best candidates.

This is where the sales recruitment experts at SalesForce Search can help. Our job is to interview and screen from hundreds of potential sales people and narrow that list down to a few people you can hire for any given role. By specializing in sales recruiting, we have a particular expertise when it comes to evaluating and interviewing sales people. Our sales recruitment process ensures that you are getting the best qualified candidates for your sales job and not wasting time with sales reps who won’t hit quota.

No Other Sales Recruitment Firm

  • Has access to more sales people across North America
  • Incorporates deeper sales interviews and sales screening tools
  • Provides more information to our customers throughout the hiring process

In today’s workforce, one in seven employees is a sales person, manager or leader, totalling over 22 million sales professionals in Canada and the United States. According to industry studies, forty percent of sales people will miss their quota this year, twenty-two percent are untrainable and only 10% of sales people will provide a ROI for their company.

To react to these realities, companies turn over sales people at a rate of over 40% every year, which is almost double the turnover rate across all professions. Sales leaders have an average tenure of 18 months, and 32% of all sales professionals have been with their current company for less than 12 months.

Low sales and high turnover equal large losses for any company and the cost of a sales hiring mistake can be up to six to ten times a sales person’s base salary.

Our Process Makes the Difference

As sales recruiters, our unique process of screening, interviewing, assessing and presenting candidates means that you as an employer are meeting the best possible sales person for your company, department and role. Our innovative pricing structure shares the risk of making a hiring mistake with our clients. That’s how confident we are that we can find the right sales person for you!

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Assessing Sales Talent

Our SalesForce Search recruiters are trained to assess top sales talent using SmartFACTOR™, a proprietary candidate assessment tool designed to facilitate great hires. It works by quantifying three attributes that are critical to success in today’s workforce.

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