Sales is the lifeblood of business. Yet hiring great sales people is one of the hardest hires to make because 80% of them aren’t that good and the best ones aren’t looking for a job. Our proactive sales recruitment approach finds the 20% of sales people who are true rockstars.


Who you choose as your sales person and how they are enabled and inspired is what makes the difference between success and failure for most companies. Yet hiring great sales people is one of the hardest things to get right. Consider the following:

Only 55% of sales hires meet their quota
Only 37% do it consistently.
10+ months
Half of all companies say it takes 10+ months for a new sales rep to become productive.
1.4 years
The average tenure of a sales person is 1.4 years.
1.5 years for a sales manager.
Annual sales team turnover is over 40% per year.
The cost of a mis-hire is anywhere between 3-6 times of base salary.

What makes hiring sales people so tough? One major factor is that they’re really good at selling themselves. So how do you identify the 20% who are true top performers from those who exaggerate their performance? And how do you identify those that will stay with you from those that will leave too soon?

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As one of the leading Sales Recruitment Agencies in North America, we’ve helped hundreds of companies in the U.S. and Canada find sales people who will hit their sales targets. We’ll double the number of A players that you interview and hire and significantly reduce the number of B & C’s. And reduce your time to hire by 65%. Here’s how we do it:

We’re outbound direct-contact sales headhunters. We don’t just ‘post & pray’ or mine an existing database. The best sales people don’t have the time to respond to a posting. They have their head down hitting their numbers. They need to be proactively recruited.
We know the sales person market because we’re talking to them every day. Each of our sales recruiters interviews and assesses over a thousand sales people each year. We know who’s good, who’s not, and we know when someone’s boss or compensation plan just changed and they’re ready to move!
We’ll deliver 3 or more candidates within 5 days.
We’ve been recruiting top sales people for 13 years and we’ve interviewed over 10,000 sales candidates. Over those interviews we’ve learned to cut through the presentation a sales person gives you to get at the actual person.
Over those years, we developed a special, proprietary interview technique we call AARC (Attributed Anticipated Reference Checks) to separate those with exaggerated performance from true top-performers.
In the last six months, we've recruited salespeople for positions in Berlin, Chicago, Hamburg, Hong Kong, Amsterdam, Sydney, London, and Portland.

It was a pleasure working with SalesForce Search. Rhys was extremely communicative and aided us in successfully hiring a unique skillset. He was professional at all times and provided continuous updates throughout the process. I would highly recommend SalesForce Search.

Serena Lytwinuk, Director, Human Resources, Norseman Group
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We've now worked with Rhys and the team at SalesForce Search for two new hires and I would recommend them to any of my colleagues. They found qualified candidates and did a great job vetting them before my team met with them. They were always professional, efficient and effective. I would use their services again without question.

Sam Campbell, Director of Sales, Media City
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Rhys and his colleagues have always been attentive to our recruitment needs, and provide great candidates on an extremely consistent basis. It always feels like SFS has our best interest in mind, and is genuinely happy to help us staff the office. Much appreciated from the team at MP.

Jacob Weingarten, Sales Manager, Mediaplanet
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SalesForce Search came highly recommended to us and it’s clear to see why. True industry leaders and looking forward to working together again to expand the team.

Matt Oliver, VP, East Coast Sales, Grapeshot
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We have been working with Rhys Metler and SalesForce Search for over 3 years and have had some of our top hires from his team. They work under tight timelines and are highly responsive to our requests and recruitment needs. Working with them allows us to hit our hiring KPIs, but its also fun. Keep up the good work!

Martin Kocandrle, Managing Director, Mediaplanet
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Thank you for your continued hard work. We appreciate the quality and efficiency of your services and look forward to partnering with SalesForce Search.

Lucas Garby, Talent Acquisition Coordinator, Lafarge Canada Inc.
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We absolutely love working with Claire at SalesForce Search! She understands our company and treats all of our open orders urgently. SalesForce will always be our go-to agency for recruitment in Toronto!

Jennifer Devine, Air Charter Service


Our client is a globally recognized software company who was searching for multiple senior sales executives across North America. They had an internal recruitment team as well as used other outside recruitment agencies with little luck. These reps carried a large quota and every day that these roles weren't filled meant they were going to be further and further away from hitting their company's revenue targets.

Download our case study to see how we worked with their internal recruitment team to get these roles filled in a timely manner.

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How Sales Recruiters Can Help Your Business

As sales recruiters, we know how hard it is to find top sales people. Sales recruiting is something that your organization should always be doing in order to ensure you have a good bench of sales people in the wings at all times. Our sales recruiting video will shed some light on sales hiring challenges and how the sales recruiters at SalesForce Search can help.


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