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September 1, 2020

How a Positive Mindset Can Make You a Better Salesperson

Mentality matters. It matters in sales and in all other areas in life. Having a positive mindset can make a huge difference in your career and your ability to be…

Rhys Metler

Mentality matters. It matters in sales and in all other areas in life. Having a positive mindset can make a huge difference in your career and your ability to be successful. It can absolutely help you become a better salesperson.

We all know that sales can be very challenging at times. Closing isn’t easy. You can have push-back from customers, issues with the sales process, and many other things that will test you mentally. But, when you have the right frame of mind, you can push through the tough times.

Having a positive or growth-focused mindset versus a fixed perception can make a significant difference in your outlook. Candace Patton on Thrive Global explains:

“A common reference point for surveying general mindsets when it comes to pursuing success is growth vs. fixed perception.

Growth-focused mindsets are open to criticism, new perspectives, and believe that their ability to improve is wholly dependent on the effort put into becoming better. Conversely, the fixed mindset is more of the deterministic view that abilities are innate and your life experiences are largely dependent on your ingrained talents.

Where growth mindsets are open to improving and overcoming hurdles like failure, fixed mindsets can become distraught by setbacks and are prone to giving up in the face of adversity.”

Here our Toronto sales recruiters provide you with some of the reasons why working on your mindset and focusing on being positive can help you be more successful in sales.

1. You Lose More Than You Win

Sales is a numbers game. For most sales professionals, you will lose more deals than you win. You will have difficult customers. You will get treated poorly by prospects. You have pressure to sell. Sales is stressful. Having a positive mindset can help you better manage these occupational hazards. When you experience a negative, it will help you be in a better position to deal with it. You will be less likely to take it personally and be more understanding that it is an unfortunate part of the job.

2. You Trust the Process

When you lose out on sales opportunities or are in a slump, there is a natural feeling to want to give up or change things. It can weigh on you emotionally. But, when you have a positive frame of mind, you are more willing to dig in and fight rather than give up. You know that you can’t always control everything, but if you continue to do the work, the result will eventually happen.

3. On to the Next One

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When you are comfortable with yourself and your abilities, you tend not to dwell on the past. You know when to let things go. While it’s not always easy to say this when you just lost a deal, being positive helps you understand there will be deals that get away. Maybe you made a mistake that cost you the sale. Rather than think back about what could have been, look forward to the future and move on.

4. You Learn From Your Mistakes

Everything you do is an opportunity to learn. Focus not on the failure, but what you can learn and apply in the next situation. Having a positive outlook helps you take the negative emotions out of the equation and can help you look at mistakes from a more rational perspective. What went wrong? How can you fix it? What will you do better next time? You’ll be less likely to place blame on others or extenuating circumstances.

5. Positivity Is Contagious

No one wants to deal with a grumpy and pushy salesperson or someone with a negative demeanor. People don’t want to be around negative energy. But a positive mindset, however, brings about positive energy. This can be contagious. Your prospects and customers will be much more willing to speak and engage with you when you bring positivity to the conversation. It can also help you develop stronger, long-lasting partnerships. People will be more willing to trust you, which is a huge factor in sales.

The Benefits of a Positive Mindset

A positive mindset will help you be a better salesperson. Here are some of the benefits of having a positive outlook on your profession:

  • You will be less stressed
  • You will develop better relationships with your managers and coworkers
  • You will be able to connect easier with customers and prospects
  • You won’t sweat the small things
  • Better equipped to handle unforeseen circumstances
  • You’ll be more resilient and adaptive to change
  • You will be in better alignment with your purpose as a sales professional
  • You’ll be more focused on the right things
  • You will have a more customer-centric focus

Maintaining a positive outlook is extremely important in sales. It’s important to be positive when times are good and also when they are challenging. Focus on maintaining a positive mindset, and you will start to see better and more consistent results.

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