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November 6, 2018

5 Terrific Ways to Gain Buyers’ Trust

Establishing trust is one of the most important aspects of the sales process. If a buyer doesn’t trust you, they certainly are not going to do business with you. Without…

Rhys Metler

Establishing trust is one of the most important aspects of the sales process. If a buyer doesn’t trust you, they certainly are not going to do business with you. Without trust, you fail to establish a strong professional relationship. Without that strong relationship, you won’t have a sale.

When you have a buyer’s trust, they will listen to you and you will gain access to an audience. You will have the opportunity to make your pitch and prove your worth. You can show buyers how you can help them achieve their business objectives.

Even though all sales recruiters understand the importance of establishing trust, getting it is not a simple task. In fact, it can be argued it is one of the most difficult.

Terrific Ways to Gain Buyers’ Trust

Do the following if you want to gain buyers’ trust and win their business:

1. Be an expert

One of the most commonly cited reasons why buyers fail to trust sales professionals is because they are not experts. Salespeople can fail to understand industry factors and conditions, and they don’t do their homework to understand the buyer’s situation and unique needs.

2. Keep your word

Your word is your bond. If you make a commitment, even a small one, you need to keep it. The minute a buyer questions your commitment, you risk them disengaging and looking elsewhere for a solution.

3. Build a strong business case

No matter what you are selling and how good your relationship is with a buyer, you need to make a strong business case for why your solution is sound. Show buyers how your solution not only helps them, but also provides them with a good return on their investment.

4. Connect on a personal level

Connecting with your buyers on a personal level is often overlooked in terms of the important role it plays in securing new business. When you can connect on a personal level, and show you don’t have tunnel vision about closing the deal, you can build trust.

5. Have the buyer’s best interests in mind

Always offer solutions that have the buyer’s best interest in mind, even if it means offering an alternative or deviating from your plan. This will not only help you gain the buyer’s trust, but you’ll also develop a strong reputation among your customer base and industry.

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