6 years ago
September 25, 2018

You’re Breaking Up with Me?! 5 Savvy Tips for Writing a Sales Breakup Email

There is only so long you can pursue a prospect before it no longer makes sense. Whether the customer has stopped responding or continues to lead you on with “maybe,”…

Rhys Metler

There is only so long you can pursue a prospect before it no longer makes sense. Whether the customer has stopped responding or continues to lead you on with “maybe,” there is a time for you to stop pursuing.

We all know making quota is important, but focusing your time and effort on customers who are not likely to get on board is not only a waste of time, it can also hurt your ability to sell to others.

While you spend time trying to get business from a difficult customer, you could be missing out on other sales opportunities. Top sales recruiters understand when it’s time to cut bait and move on. This means sending the sales breakup email.

What Is a Sales Breakup Email?

Breakup emails help sales recruiters and reps close communications with a prospect. They are geared to confirm that a prospect is no longer interested in moving forward. Sometimes, they also reignite a customer’s interest and re-establish a dormant sales process.

Tips to Write an Effective Sales Breakup Email

Use these tips when crafting your sales breakup email:

1. Be friendly and open:

There is no need to write an emotional email or show desperation. Often, breakup emails can restart talks. Or they will tell you where you stand, for sure.

2. Reinforce your desire to help:

Reiterate your reason for reaching out one last time – you want to help your customer’s business. Explain how you are here to help and what you can do to help the customer. Make the email all about the customer.

3. Get to the point:

There is no need to write a novel. Be concise and to the point. Ask if they are still interested. If not, request a response so you can stop contacting the customer.

4. End communications:

Most customers don’t respond. Tell them you assume they are no longer interested. If the prospect is just slow to respond, this will spark some urgency on their part.

5. Provide some value:

Adding value is always a good thing. You never know when a dead lead could become a strong lead in the future. Send some resources and keep the door open to do business in the future.


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Rhys Metler

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