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August 23, 2018

3 of the TOUGHEST Sales Customer Questions and How to Respond

Answering the toughest sales customer questions is not an easy task. Sales customers can ask some tough questions. Even if you are fully prepared, they can ask questions from time…

Rhys Metler

Answering the toughest sales customer questions is not an easy task.

Sales customers can ask some tough questions. Even if you are fully prepared, they can ask questions from time to time that are difficult to answer. But it’s part of sales. Customers will continue to ask tough questions, and sales recruiters need to be prepared to answer them as effectively as possible if they want to close the deal.

Here are a few of the most common difficult questions from sales customers:

1. Why Should We Buy From You?

Expect to get this question from most of your prospects and customers. This is a huge open-ended question and most often, sales reps struggle to answer this question well. For starters, there are countless ways you could answer the question. Because it’s open-ended, it’s tough to gauge the type of response the customer is looking for.

What makes it even more difficult to answer is that it often comes up early in the sales process – at a time when you don’t know enough about the customer to provide a detailed answer.

One thing you should not do is regurgitate older sales pitches and list features and benefits. You need to answer this question to the best of your abilities based on what you know about the customer and their situation. Focus on the customer’s needs, the problems they have, and explain that you want to learn more about them in order to develop a solution that will address their specific requirements.

2. What Makes Your Product/Service Better?

All customers want to know why your products are better than the other options they are considering. Again, you will likely receive this question early in the sales process, before you know enough about the customer. Rather than bashing the competitor, focus on the fit. Focus on how your products/solutions will be a better fit for the customer. Proceed to ask a series of questions about the issues the customer is having and how your products can improve this situation.

3. Why Are You More Expensive?

Price objections are common, especially if you tend to offer more expensive products or solutions than your competitors. It’s important to understand the pricing models you are competing with. You should also know your competitors’ shortcomings. Essentially, you are taking the “you get what you pay for” approach. Your customers are going to look around, and you need to be able to differentiate your products/services based on the overall value you provide.


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