7 years ago
May 9, 2017

How to Prepare for Your First Week at Your New Sales Manager Job

Got a sales manager job? Taking the next step in your career? How to Prepare for Your First Week at Your New Sales Manager Job

Rhys Metler

So you’ve been promoted to sales manager. Congrats! It’s an exciting time in your career. You’ve taken the next step in your sales career. It can also be nerve-wracking. The first week at any new job is filled with unknowns and is a huge learning curve. You are not exactly sure what to expect, you are working on getting into a groove, and you are getting to know a lot of new people.

How do you prepare for your first week as a sales manager?

1. Do your homework:

If you are new to the sales manager role, it’s a great idea to get some literature about how to approach your new role. Even though you will be provided with training from your organization, it’s important to develop your own theories and processes for how to manage your sales team.

2. Start networking now:

Now is always a good time to reach out to colleagues. As soon as you know you will be transitioning to your new role, start establishing contact with other sales managers, your bosses, and your new sales team, and set aside some time to connect and get to know each other.

3. Start planning:

It’s never too early to start planning how you want to organize your sales team, and how you want them to operate in order to achieve the defined sales targets. The more leg work you can get done now, the smoother transition you will be able to make during your first week.

4. Relax:

Before diving into the next chapter of your career, it’s always a good idea, if possible, to take a few days to yourself and relax. Go on a mini-vacation, spend some time with your family, and just take a break before your new adventure begins.

There are many ways you can get prepared for a new role. For some, it’s about focus and preparation; and for others, it’s about relaxing and decompressing. Choose the method that will help you be most prepared for your new role.

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