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November 23, 2021

8 Useful Sales Tools to Improve Your Team’s Sales Performance

Having powerful sales tools can be a huge competitive advantage. They allow your sales team to automate mundane tasks, provide great insights about your customers and help you better manage…

Brandon Biafore Sales Recruiter
Brandon Biafore

Having powerful sales tools can be a huge competitive advantage. They allow your sales team to automate mundane tasks, provide great insights about your customers and help you better manage the sales funnel, customer interactions, and the sales process overall.

Here we outline some of the best sales tools to help you improve your sales team’s performance:


1. HubSpot

HubSpot is regarded as one of the top sales tools available today. It can help you streamline all aspects of your sales process. You have three options to choose from, allowing you to level up as your needs become more complex.

  • HubSpot Sales Free
  • HubSpot CRM
  • HubSpot Sales Professional

Try the tool out for free to see if it is the right fit for your sales team.

2. Salesforce

This highly customizable sales tool allows you to do almost anything. You can track team activity, create sales funnels, engage with customers, offer customer support, track customer information, and generate detailed reports. You can customize the dashboard for a more intuitive interface. You can even use the app over the cloud.

3. LinkedIn Sales Solutions

Leverage the business connections you have on LinkedIn. The Sales Navigator tool helps you make prospecting for clients a lot easier. You can contact LinkedIn members directly, get custom lead recommendations, use advanced searches to find leads, and you have a dashboard to track your social selling.

4. InsideSales.com

This tool allows you to manage your sales activity all in one place. Its most popular feature is its email and web tracking tool. This is just the beginning. It also offers lead scoring, opportunity scoring, predictive forecasting, and sales communications. And you can see things in real-time.

5. Calendly

Good scheduling practices are essential in sales. This comprehensive scheduling tool helps you organize your tasks, appointment, and meetings.

6. ClinchPad

This simple and straightforward CRM is an ideal tool for smaller sales teams. It allows you to track all your processes and activity in one central location. The dashboard is full of data you can use to improve your sales process.

7. Proposify

Create engaging and effective sales proposals to send to your clients using this tool. They are easy to share, and you can include digital signatures, tracking, and online tracking in the cloud.

8. Acquire

Customer engagement is vital, and this tool helps you do it. It is regarded as the top customer communication platform. It offers great features such as video calling, live chat, AI chatbots, and much more. This will help you connect with website visitors, understand their needs, qualify leads and get detailed analytics reports.

If you are looking to improve your sales process, give some of the above sales tools a try.

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Brandon Biafore Sales Recruiter

Brandon Biafore

With a background successfully leading sales teams (overseeing training & development, driving sales & revenue, and ensuring delivery of exceptional customer service while executing cost control), Brandon is a sales recruiter with a solid understanding of what it takes to succeed in sales leadership role, as well as the challenges faced by hiring managers in finding top sales talent.