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January 25, 2022

8 Industries With the Largest Need for Sales Talent

Most industries have a need for sales talent in Canada. The pandemic has had a significant impact on the employment industry, and there are a lot of organizations in desperate…

Rhys Metler

Most industries have a need for sales talent in Canada. The pandemic has had a significant impact on the employment industry, and there are a lot of organizations in desperate need of sales talent to get operations ramped up to pre-COVID-19 levels. They are in need of talent with all levels of experience – from entry-level to executive.

There are hundreds of thousands of sales professionals in Canada. Many of these people are open to new opportunities, even if they currently have a job.


Industries in Need of Sales Professionals

It should be no shock that some of the fastest-growing industries also have a large need for sales talent. This includes some of the most common industries where you will find sales talent – retail, technology, and professional services. These are three of the biggest industries for sales professionals, and three that need more talent. For sales professionals, these industries present the most opportunities. But there are other industries offering just as many opportunities today.

Here is a general list of the leading industries that require sales talent:

  • Finance: This includes fintech, online payment solutions providers, and mobile financing
  • Technology and software development: Big data, SaaS, business intelligence, cybersecurity
  • Professional services: Law, business, accounting, consulting
  • Consumer goods and retail: Consumer packaged goods, e-commerce, wellness
  • Construction: Real estate, building and development
  • Medical: Pharmaceutical, medical devices, homecare
  • Transportation: Logistics, supply chain
  • Media: Web design, marketing consulting, advertising

As a sales professional, you have ample opportunity to apply your sales skills and experience to an industry of interest to you.

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From an organizational perspective, it’s important for you to be as appealing to a workplace as possible. You’ll need to ensure you create an enticing organizational culture and communicate this during the recruiting process. Sales professionals know they have options, so it’s important for your recruiting process to be as refined as possible.

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