4 years ago
September 10, 2020

6 Ways Your Sales Hiring Strategy Must Change Post-COVID

COVID-19 has changed the way we work. It has changed how sales companies operate. And it has changed how people look for work and how organizations hire people. While many…

Rhys Metler

COVID-19 has changed the way we work. It has changed how sales companies operate. And it has changed how people look for work and how organizations hire people. While many companies have had to put hiring on hold or even lay off staff, the economy will move forward post-COVID. You will need to resume hiring. You’ll need to hire for the vacant roles you have or even expand your team. When you are ready to hire, you’ll need to make adjustments to your hiring strategy to account for the new post-COVID workplace.

A lot has changed during the pandemic, and your sales organization needs to be prepared to move forward as the economy starts to open up and get back to “normal.”

Here are some tips from Toronto sales recruiters to change your sales hiring strategy post-COVID:

1. Place a Greater Reliance on Digital and Online Recruiting

The process of how you hire will change post-COVID. It’s already changed for many companies already. There will be limited in-person interaction with candidates prior to hiring them. If you haven’t already, you’ll need to shift your interviews online. The ability to offer video job interviews is a must. It will become the new norm. It’s also more efficient and takes up less time than conducting in-person interviews. It’s also important to normalize digital communications and candidate tracking. Identify technology solutions to target, recruit and track candidates throughout the hiring process.

2. A Shift From the Types of Candidates You Normally Hire

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The type of sales candidate you may have hired pre-COVID may not be the same post-COVID. With less in-person interaction and a greater reliance on remote and online sales, you may need to adjust your hiring strategy to recruit these candidates. The skills, experience, and location of the candidates you will hire post-COVID can be different. Adjust your job descriptions, interview questions, and other aspects of your hiring strategy to reflect your new focus.

3. Address the Gaps

There has been a lot of movement within organizations. Whether you’ve had to furlough employees, some have chosen to stay home, or they’ve moved on, you’ll likely have some skill gaps to address. Understand the gaps that exist within your organization before you start the post-COVID hiring process. Which skills have you lost? Which areas need to be addressed? Which roles need to be filled immediately?

4. Actively Look for Remote Sales Professionals

COVID-19 may have forced many sales companies to operate remotely, but it also created a new opportunity. With geography less of a factor, you now can find talent anywhere, not just within your region. Shift your hiring strategy to cast a wider net. If you are hiring remote workers, their location is less of a factor. Start to look for sales talent outside of your region. Your ability to search for candidates more broadly allows you to find more top-tier talent.

5. Hire for Interim/Temporary Roles

How you hire may need to change post-COVID. In the past, most sales companies would hire on a full time or part time basis. But, with some uncertainty in the post-COVID era, you may want to hire employees under other employment terms. As the economy ramps up, you may have a need to hire a lot of people.  Not all of them will be sustainable long term. Consider hiring some people on a contract, temporary, interim, or freelance basis. Having more flexible terms allows you to make adjustments to your sales team as things change over time.

6. Adjust Your Benefits Program

Benefits play an important role in attracting top sales talent. Many of the in-office perks you’ve offered in the past may no longer be relevant, especially if the majority of your new hires are working from home. Assess your current benefits offerings to see what adjustments can be made. Perhaps this means offering a better healthcare package. You should also consider other perks such as flexible scheduling, sick days, or even providing an allowance for at-home technology solutions to support your remote workers.

7. Start Now

Now is the time to start dealing with effects of COVID-19 on your organization. Even if you are not planning on hiring right away, it’s important to understand your company’s current situation, the type of talent you will need to hire, and what needs to be updated about your hiring process. You’ll need a strong recruiting process to rebuild your sales team. Start building your new hiring strategy now.

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