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November 26, 2019

8 Ways to Optimize Your Sales Job Description to Entice Top Talent

As in many other organizations, finding top sales talent is a challenge. You need to have a well thought out and efficient recruiting process to attract the best of the…

Rhys Metler

As in many other organizations, finding top sales talent is a challenge. You need to have a well thought out and efficient recruiting process to attract the best of the best. However, many sales organizations fall short with job descriptions.

According to Toronto sales recruiters, one of the main reasons companies struggle to find the best people is the job descriptions they write. They are less than stellar at communicating the role and opportunity. There is a disconnect between what is written in the job description and the type of person they are trying to attract.

Writing a perfectly crafted job description that attracts top sales talent is an art. It can take some work to get it right.

In this blog, we aim to help sales organizations write better job descriptions. Here are 8 ways to optimize your sales job description to entice top talent to apply:

1. Be Different

All sales companies write job descriptions. Most of them sound and look somewhat the same. So, stand out. Be different. Take a look at what your competitors are writing. Look for ways to write your job descriptions better. How can you be more engaging? Can you make your description easier to read? What opportunities exist to make your job ads stand out?

2. Optimize for Search

Online search matters in today’s recruiting world. You need to make your job descriptions as easy to find as possible. Therefore, perform a little keyword research and identify the terms and phrases candidates would use to search for the type of job you are posting. Include these keywords in your job description. This will make your job post easier to find via search.

3. Get the Job Title Right

The job title is one of the most important elements of a job description. However, it’s often one that creates a lot of confusion. There’s a trend to try to spice up job titles and make them sound more fun. However, when you get creative with job titles, it can make them too vague. It can make it difficult for people to understand what the job entails.

Make the job title an accurate reflection of the role. For example, avoid calling a job “sales ninja” or “sales aficionado” when sales rep will suffice. Also, specify the level of the role by adding words like junior, senior, and manager.

4. Eliminate Buzzwords, Jargon, Fluff

Job descriptions tend to be filled with sales industry lingo and buzzwords. They are included in an attempt to make the jobs seem more exciting and make the job description more engaging. But it can do the opposite. Too much jargon can make your description more difficult to read and understand. This will drive some people away from applying. As a general rule, if it doesn’t add value or provide important information people want, don’t include it in the job description.

5. Add More Detail

Toronto sales headhunters encourage companies to write detailed job descriptions

Finding the sweet spot for how much information to include is important. You don’t want the description to be too short or too long. When it’s too short, candidates will have too many questions. When it’s too long, people will be less likely to read through all the details.

Here’s what to include:

  • Job title
  • Overview of the role
  • Key responsibilities
  • Salary range
  • Qualifications (experience, education)
  • Benefits (flexible hours, growth opportunities, etc.)

6. Make It Easy to Scan

Writing a great job description is time-consuming, but the reality is most candidates will scan the posts for the details they’re looking for. Therefore, it’s important to ensure you write your post in a way that makes it easy to scan. Use headers, bullets, and highlight key information to make it easier for candidates to quickly understand what the job is, what it entails, and the benefits of working for your company. If they’re interested, they will dive deeper and read the entire description.

It’s also important to ensure your post is optimized for mobile. Consider how your description will look on a mobile device. Too much text will make it more challenging to read.

7. Don’t Be Misleading

It’s tempting to make bold statements in the job description. You want to get people’s attention and encourage them to apply for the job. But you have to be realistic and avoid making promises you can’t keep. Never make false or misleading statements in your job description. This will only create issues as you get deeper into the recruitment process. It can also hurt your employer brand.

8. Be Realistic

Are you being realistic about the type of candidate you are trying to attract? Are you being too strict with your requirements? Are you trying to attract a unicorn? Make sure your description doesn’t disqualify or scare away top sales talent from applying. Often, companies make requirements too specific – too many years’ experience, a certain type of educational background, and too many specific skills.

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