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March 26, 2019

6 Genius Ways to End Your Sales Interview and Leave a Lasting Impression

Many strong sales candidates can lose a job because of how they end their interview. You feel like you’re doing well. You’ve developed a good rapport with the recruiter, you…

Rhys Metler

Many strong sales candidates can lose a job because of how they end their interview.

You feel like you’re doing well. You’ve developed a good rapport with the recruiter, you want the job, and they seem interested too. But you fail to leave a lasting impression. You also fail to get the job.

Start Strong, and Finish Even Stronger

In sales, you are taught to always be closing. Having a strong close and leaving a lasting impression on the recruiter and hiring manager is a must. You want to be memorable and cement your position as the best candidate for the job.

A strong start will only get you so far. The end of the interview is your time to come on strong.

If you are not fresh in the mind of the hiring manager, you reduce your chances of getting the job. You need to embed yourself in their minds. Show your drive, have confidence in yourself, make it known you want the job and show them how you are the best candidate.

We’ve put together a series of effective strategies to improve how you finish a sales interview. Here are 6 genius ways to end your sales interview and leave a lasting impression:

1. Ask Questions

Asking questions about the company, role, and culture is more important than most people realize. At the end of almost every job interview you will go on, you can expect the interviewer to ask,

“Do you have any questions for us?”

This is your chance to not only gather more information to determine if you want to work for the company, but it’s also another chance to prove you’re the best candidate.

Companies don’t simply ask this question to be polite. They want to see how interested and informed you are about the company/role.

Strategically use this opportunity to show you did your homework, looked into the company in detail, understand the role, and have been engaged during the interview. Knock their socks off with a couple of great questions to solidify your position as a top candidate.

2. Ask the Recruiter If They Have Anything to Address

Like the point above, providing the recruiter with another opportunity to address any issues, concerns or points of clarification opens the door for more conversation.

This can be particularly helpful if you haven’t established a strong rapport or if you feel as though you didn’t answer a previous question as well as you wanted.

Giving them the chance to circle back gives you the chance to convince them you are the best candidate.  If they say no, tell them you are always happy to answer any follow-up questions.

3. Summarize Your Skills, Experience, and Why You Are the Best Fit

It’s important to have a strong closing statement that ties everything together. It’s a quick reminder of who you are, how you’re qualified, and why you are the best fit for the job.

Treat your closing similar to an elevator pitch. Be succinct, to the point, and finish with a closing statement that reaffirms your desire to work for the company and why you are the best candidate.

Express your passion and interest in the role, remind the interviewer of your key skills, and reaffirm key differentiators and why those make you the best candidate.

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4. Ask About Next Steps

Asking about the next steps in the interview process is a roundabout way of saying you would like the job. It will also provide you with an estimation of when you expect to hear from the company, and when you should follow up if you don’t hear from them after the interview. Asking about next steps also shows you are interested in the job.

5. Ask for the Job – Always Be Closing

If you really want the job, then ask for it. Sure, it’s a bold move, but if you feel like you have a really good chance of getting the position, the end of the interview is the best time to go for it. Always be closing, right?

Asking for the job could be the deciding factor for a company to choose you over another candidate. It shows you have a strong desire to work for the company and you are willing to put yourself out there to do it.

While the odds of a hiring manager giving you an answer on the spot is slim, you’ll make an impression. And the company will know for sure if they do ask you, you’ll accept.

6. Close on a Positive Note – Show Gratitude

Always end the interview on a positive note, even if you didn’t think the interview went as well as you would have liked. You never know what the hiring manager may be thinking. Thank everyone for the opportunity and for their time. Shake everyone’s hand and tell them you look forward to hearing from them. Be grateful and be genuine.

Make sure to send a follow-up email within 24 hours to reaffirm your interest in the job. Quickly address anything you think needs to be mentioned, tell them you are available for follow up, and thank them again for the opportunity.

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