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September 21, 2018

So, Here Are, Uhh, Common Crutch Words to Avoid During Sales Interviews

People use crutch words all the time. In fact, some people may not even realize they are using them, or use them so often when speaking. Uhhh… um… like… are…

Rhys Metler

People use crutch words all the time. In fact, some people may not even realize they are using them, or use them so often when speaking. Uhhh… um… like… are all used as fillers and transitions. One thing is for sure, these are definitely words you want to avoid saying to a sales recruiter during a sales job interview.

As a sales professional, you are expected to be a strong communicator. Relying on crutch words will say otherwise about your communication abilities.

Niti Shah from HubSpot explains why crutch words should be avoided in all situations:

“We all use crutch words. They help us fill the gap in a conversation or speech when we’re unsure of how to proceed, or haven’t quite thought out the best way to position something.”

“Crutch words weaken the point you’re trying to make. When you pepper your argument with unnecessary words, it distracts from the purpose of the message and dilutes its strength,” she adds.

Crutch Words to Avoid During Sales Interviews

The tricky thing about these words is every person has their own list of go-to crutch words they use. Some people may use one, while others may use a variety of crutch words when they speak.

Here are some of the most commonly used crutch words:

1. Um, uhhh, ah:

These words are commonly used in the middle of a sentence or as part of a transition to another thought. They show hesitation and can make you seem unsure or lacking in confidence.

2. Right?

Ending a sentence with a question or using words such as you know, well… yeah, and know what I mean? create an awkward and abrupt ending to your thought. It creates an awkward transition and can confuse people you are speaking with.

3. Literally, honestly, totally:

There is no need to use these adverbs. They are fillers, and they can make you seem less intelligent.

Other words to remove from your vocabulary include:

  • Fantastic, excellent, great
  • So, well, anyway, like
  • Jargon, trendy words, buzzwords

How to Eliminate Crutch Words

The good news is these words are fairly easy to eliminate from your vocabulary. Here is how you do it:

  1. Identify your crutch words
  2. Be conscious of when you use them
  3. Practice speaking out loud
  4. Catch yourself using crutch words and use them less

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