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July 15, 2021

5 Things Sales Managers Actually Want to Hear in an Interview

Job interviews are a company’s chance to learn as much as possible about you. It’s their time to assess if you are the right candidate for the job. But it’s…

Rhys Metler

Job interviews are a company’s chance to learn as much as possible about you. It’s their time to assess if you are the right candidate for the job. But it’s also your opportunity to leave a lasting impression. Everything you say matters. It helps the interviewer make up their mind about you.


When an interviewer asks questions, there is certain information they are looking to learn about you. But there can be a stark difference between what you tell them and what they actually want to hear from you.

What Sales Managers Want to Hear in an Interview

Here is a list of things sales candidates can say to get bonus points during the interview:

1. “I Was Excited To Apply.”

Communicating your passion or excitement that the job you wanted has become available with the company can help you form a positive image in the mind of the interviewer. It shows you have a genuine interest in the job and are not just taking whichever job becomes available.

2. “I Am A Great Fit For This Role Because…”

Being qualified for a job is different than explaining how the company will benefit from having you as an employee. It’s important to communicate both. Explaining why you are a good fit and how you will benefit the company shows you understand the job in detail. It also gives you the opportunity to explain how the job fits into your career plan. This shows you are thinking about your career in the short and long term.

3. “I Believe I Can Ramp Up To Speed Quickly Because…”

Everyone is going to take a little time to learn how things are done and get up to speed. But communicating why you think you will be able to quickly adapt to your new surroundings is enticing for a sales manager to hear from a candidate. It’s an added bonus you can bring to the table if you are hired.

4. “I Managed/Led/Was Responsible For…”

A company can never have too many people with leadership skills. Communicating this says you are a candidate who has the ability to grow and take on new challenges. It shows you are someone who can be depended on when needed.

5. “When Can I Expect To Hear From You?”

Saying this phrase will make it clear to a sales manager that you want the job. It shows you are eager and motivated to get to the next round of interviews or receive a job offer and get started with the company.

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