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March 13, 2018

5 Simple Reasons Your Sales Team Is Underperforming

Is your sales team underperforming? As sales recruiters, we know sales teams underperform from time to time. You can’t have a record month every month. There will also be times…

Rhys Metler

Is your sales team underperforming? As sales recruiters, we know sales teams underperform from time to time. You can’t have a record month every month. There will also be times when your sales team struggles more than it should. In most cases, it comes down to a number of simple reasons for the lack of production:

1. Poor Leads

If you put off prospecting long enough, you will run out of good leads. You can’t make a sale if you don’t have a prospective customer. This is why it’s so important for reps and sales teams to invest time into prospecting.

Failure to have a strong process in place to qualify leads can also impact sales. Poorly qualified leads can result in sales reps spending too much time on prospects who actually aren’t interested in making a purchase.

2. Lack of Follow Up

It’s rare to close a prospect on the first call. Most reps don’t close a customer until they’ve had multiple interactions. While prospecting new clients is important, you also need to spend time following up with your warm leads. Too many sales reps disengage too early in the sales process. Stick with it, and you will see your sales numbers improve.

3. You Are Taking the Wrong Approach

You can’t treat all leads the same. Too many sales reps focus too much on features and benefits and not enough on helping a prospect solve an issue they are currently experiencing. Address pain points and position your products and services as the solution. Work with them. Don’t try to force a solution on them.

4. No Motivation

Motivated sales reps meet their quota. If sales managers cannot effectively motivate their team, expect sales numbers to drop. The difficulty is understanding what motivates each rep individually. Every sales rep is motivated in a different way. For some, it’s compensation; for others, it’s opportunities to expand their skills.

5. Technology

While technology has certainly helped improve sales efficiency, some reps are hampered with all the new tools they have. If a rep lacks technology skills, it can have a big impact on their ability to interact with customers. Not understanding how to use sales tools can hurt a rep’s numbers.

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