6 years ago
November 2, 2017

Sales Talent Is Overrated! 5 Ways Sales People Can Practice Selling

If you want to get better at sales, then you need to practice selling. Proactive makes perfect, right? You never have too much experience or training to overlook the importance…

Rhys Metler

If you want to get better at sales, then you need to practice selling. Proactive makes perfect, right?

You never have too much experience or training to overlook the importance of refining your sales skills and approach. The sales industry continues to evolve. Industry change creates a need to adjust how you approach sales. You need to accommodate new trends, technology, and people’s ever-changing perceptions of sales professionals into your sales process.

Top sales recruiters and reps are always looking for ways to improve. Here are 5 effective ways salespeople can practice selling:

1. Mock sales calls

You can learn a lot from your sales colleagues. Using mock sales calls to work on your approach, technique, how you handle objectives, the types of questions you ask and how to interact with customers in a variety of situations helps you sharpen your skills. Conducting mock sales calls occasionally can help you prevent falling into a rut or developing poor habits.

2. Review sales calls with management

Your sales manager is an asset. So, use them when you can. Review sales calls with your manager to gain new insights and identify areas where you can improve. By simply re-listening to some of your calls, you can learn a lot about yourself and ways you can get better.

3. Attend seminars and workshops

There is no shortage of sales seminars and workshops you can attend. Many today are even offered online, making them easier to attend. Seminars can open your eyes to new techniques and trends in your industry, connect you with other sales professionals, and help get you motivated to improve your performance.

4. Find a mentor

A mentor is a valuable asset to have in your corner. You never have too much experience or success to have a mentor you can rely on for honest advice and consultation. Look for someone you know professionally who can help you become a better sales rep.

5. Study your craft

Are you a student of the game? Do you stay up to date with the latest trends in the sales industry? One thing all top sales reps have in common is a passion for sales. They study their craft, read sales blogs, books, publications, and have their finger on the pulse of the latest tools, techniques, and strategies they can use to hone their skills.


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Rhys Metler

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