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October 12, 2017

4 Interesting Training Techniques Every Sales Manager Should Know

There is no shortage of sales training techniques for sales recruiters and managers to choose from. How you approach sales training depends on many factors – what you are selling,…

Rhys Metler

There is no shortage of sales training techniques for sales recruiters and managers to choose from. How you approach sales training depends on many factors – what you are selling, the industry, and your company’s sales strategy to name a few.

The key to sales training is to choose the techniques that will help sales reps be prepared and successful. Here are 4 training techniques every sales recruiter and manager should know and use when onboarding new hires:

1. Train less, more often

Starting a new job is overwhelming, even for experienced sales professionals. Bombarding them with mountains of information all at once is not as effective as providing specific training over a period of time. If you throw everything at them at once, the odds are they will forget most of it and need a refresher.

2. Use digital training techniques

There is not always enough time in the day for you to get your sales team together in one place for training. Scheduling conflicts and many other factors can get in the way. Using online training tools allows you to not only connect with your team but also ensure they always have access to training materials. If they have a question or require further information, allowing them to access it online is ideal.

3. Practice makes perfect

No matter how many hours you spend in training sessions, the real learning happens when you are in the field. Provide the sales team with training, and then get them back on the job and allow them to implement the training right away. It’s the best way for them to learn and integrate new strategies and tactics into the sales process.

4. Regular feedback is vital

Implementing new strategies will not come without a few bumps in the road. There will be mistakes. Therefore, it’s vital for sales managers to be available to provide support and feedback as the sales team learns and grows on the job. Listen in on sales calls to provide constructive feedback about how sales reps can improve. It’s these daily interactions and regular feedback that will help your team improve.

These training techniques will help sales managers become more effective at what they do. More importantly, it helps them to help their sales team improve their skills.

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