6 years ago
June 8, 2018

4 Ways to Properly Evaluate Your Sales Team and Make Them Even Better

We all know how important it is for sales reps to make their quotas and continue to improve sales performance. Successful sales recruiters and reps find new ways and are…

Rhys Metler

We all know how important it is for sales reps to make their quotas and continue to improve sales performance. Successful sales recruiters and reps find new ways and are always working on becoming better at their craft.

For sales managers, using proper evaluation techniques to assess your sales team is the best way to help them improve. You can’t improve what you aren’t tracking, right?

Our sales recruiters have put together a list of 4 things you should be tracking to properly evaluate your sales team to make them better:

1. Customer relationships

Sales success has a lot to do with trust and the relationships built with customers. A rep’s ability to forge strong relationships will set them up to create new business beyond the first transaction. One-time deals limit the ability to generate sustainable business.

2. Time spent selling

Sales reps only have so much time to work with. How much time you spend selling, as opposed to performing other actions (prospecting, administrative tasks), can be telling about your sales abilities. Who you spend your time selling to is also important. Sales reps need to spend their time selling to strongly qualified leads. If you fail to qualify a prospect properly, you could be wasting time and effort on a prospect who is not going to buy from you.

3. Lead response time

How quickly you follow up with leads can make a significant impact on your ability to engage and sell to a customer. The quicker your sales reps can respond to an inquiry, the more likely they will be able to start a sales process and close a deal.

4. Account size

The size of the deal a sales rep is working on plays a big role when comparing sales metrics. It often takes significantly more time to close a larger deal. If reps regularly close larger dollar value deals, they will have a longer and slower sales process compared to reps who close smaller deals more regularly.

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Rhys Metler

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