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July 19, 2022

4 Strategies to Identify When Your Sales Hiring Process Is Broken

If your sales process is broken, you are going to have a difficult time meeting your sales targets. You are also wasting leads in your sales funnel. But how do…

Rhys Metler

If your sales process is broken, you are going to have a difficult time meeting your sales targets. You are also wasting leads in your sales funnel. But how do you know if your sales process is broken? It requires a deeper investigation of your day-to-day practices to identify the areas of your process that are letting you down.

Our sales recruiters provide you with signs that you may be having issues with your sales process:


1. Lack of prospects

This is a sure-fire sign that you have issues at the front end of your sales process. If you cannot generate leads, you need to review your prospecting practices. An empty sales funnel will make it challenging for you to hit your targets.

Even if you have a lot of prospects, if they are not qualified leads, you could be spending a lot of time and effort on prospects that have a low chance of converting into paying customers.

2. Prospects dropping out

Have you noticed that prospects are dropping out at certain points during the sales process? Perhaps it’s once you work them halfway through the funnel. Or perhaps it’s when you make an offer for the business. Identify the areas where prospects drop out and review your process. You may need to refine your strategy to move them further along in the funnel.

3. Low close rates

A poor closing ratio is a major problem. Spending the time and effort to qualify prospects and work on a solution, only to lose them at the end of the sales process, is costly. You’ll need to review and update how you approach closing sales to improve your efficiency.

4. Lack of renewals

The sales process doesn’t end when you close a deal. It continues for the lifespan of the customer. Once you get a customer, you then have to work on keeping them long-term and making them a repeat customer. If you find you are not able to renew customers at an ideal rate, you need to look into how you provide service and support customers.

The above are 4 key things to review if you suspect you have issues with the sales process. Review them regularly to maximize sales.

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Rhys Metler

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