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April 20, 2018

4 Amazing Sales Onboarding Techniques from Top Sales Recruiters

Finding top sales talent is only one important part of the sales process. Often overlooked is the importance of an effective onboarding strategy to get sales talent acclimated to your…

Rhys Metler

Finding top sales talent is only one important part of the sales process. Often overlooked is the importance of an effective onboarding strategy to get sales talent acclimated to your organizational culture, new role, and coworkers. A strong onboarding process can be the difference between successfully integrating sales talent and failing to get the most out of your sales team.

Here are 4 highly successful sales onboarding techniques from top sales recruiters:

1. Have a Meet and Greet

The first few days of any job are stressful. A lot is thrown at you – new workstations, hours, co-workers, and piles of paperwork. Things tend to get easier once you get to know your new coworkers better. To fast track this process, set up a meet and greet with a number of the new employee’s coworkers. This will allow them to get to know the people with whom they will be working, and it allows new hires to ask questions and get to know how their colleagues’ jobs work in conjunction with their own.

2. Lunch and Learn

Having a lunch and learn or other professional development events helps new hires acquire knowledge and skills while immersing themselves into the company culture. Even better, have new hires go to lunch with a company executive so they can hear more about company culture, vision, mission, and key business objectives.

3. Assign a Team Project

Getting to work right away is a great way to help new sales talent get the ball rolling. Assigning a team project allows them to get their feet wet while still having the support of a team. It’s a great technique to help new hires get used to company best practices, processes, and protocols.

4. Mentorship

Setting up new hires with a mentor while they get accustomed to their new surroundings is a highly effective technique. It provides new sales talent with a go-to person if they have questions or issues. It also provides them with a sounding board and someone who can help them overcome common hurdles new hires face.

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