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October 2, 2018

The WORST Ways to Quit Your Job – 5 Things to Avoid When Quitting

So, you’ve decided to quit your job. While some people may think quitting is as simple as giving your notice to your boss, it can be a complicated and stressful…

Rhys Metler

So, you’ve decided to quit your job. While some people may think quitting is as simple as giving your notice to your boss, it can be a complicated and stressful situation. There is a right way and a wrong way to approach quitting. Your actions in your final days with a company can have a big impact on your career going forward. There are things sales recruiters agree you should avoid doing when you plan to give your notice.

The WORST Ways to Quit Your Job

Here are some important things to avoid when quitting your job:

1. Not Having Another Job Offer

If you are going to quit, you should probably have another job offer on the table. Quitting because you don’t like your job or you feel like you are not valued is common. But don’t make the mistake of quitting and not having another job to go to. Stick it out until you get another job offer.

2. Making a Scene

Making a scene is unprofessional. There is no need to get into an argument with your boss or any of your coworkers for any reason. Making a scene could hurt your personal and professional reputation. Plus, you never know. You may want to come back to work for the company one day. Don’t burn any bridges on your way out.

3. Throwing Others Under the Bus

You may be quitting, but this doesn’t mean it’s time for you to throw other people under the bus because you are leaving. It’s fine to voice your displeasure, but don’t involve others unless you get their approval beforehand.

4. Messing Up a Good Reference

Establishing strong references is important. How you choose to quit could impact your ability to get a good reference, especially if this was an organization where you spent a considerable amount of time.

5. Mailing It In

Once you’ve handed in your notice and your last day at the company is finalized, there is a tendency to mail it in. After all, what you do doesn’t matter anymore, right? Rather than mailing it in, continue to work until your last day. Offer to help your company with the transition.


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