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December 3, 2019

Which Type of Sales Should I Get Into? 6 Key Considerations to Choose the Right Sales Role for You

Many people have a misconception about what a job in sales is all about. For this reason alone, many people overlook the great opportunities presented in a sales career. “Many…

Rhys Metler

Many people have a misconception about what a job in sales is all about. For this reason alone, many people overlook the great opportunities presented in a sales career.

“Many people think that a sales job involves browbeating people and forcing them to buy stuff they don’t need,” says Liz Ryan on Forbes.

“It’s the opposite. Great salespeople literally solve problems for other people all day long. Of course, it’s not that simple — they have to find the people who have the problems they can solve, and that takes a lot of work. They have to build relationships, and that takes a lot of work too. But they end up solving problems, helping people out and getting paid for it,” she adds.

Toronto sales recruiters help you choose what type of sales role you should apply for

The key to sales is to find the right type of sales role. There are many different types of roles, and opportunities vary based on where you are in your career, the industry, and many other factors.

In this post, Toronto sales headhunters take a look at some of the signs that you should be in sales, outline things to consider when comparing job types, and list the most common sales roles.

5 Signs You Should Be in Sales

Here are 5 signs you have a future in the sales industry:

1. Gift of the gab:

Being a great communicator is a must. You enjoy speaking with others and you are good at it.

2. A great listener:

Understanding the customer is a must. You remember things in detail and are good at connecting the dots. People find it easy to speak with you.

3. You’re inquisitive:

You like to ask questions and probe for more information. The more you know about a customer, the better you can serve them.

4. You are a social creature:

You thrive in social settings. You have a desire to connect with others as part of your job.

5. Self-sufficient:

You are self-motivated, you set your own goals, and you are well organized.

6 Things to Consider When Comparing Sales Jobs

No two sales careers are the same. There are many things you should consider when thinking about sales roles. They include:

1. Industry:

Which industries are you interested in? Do you have experience or preference for one industry over another?

2. Career path:

How many steps/roles do you have to complete before you reach your ideal sales job? Is the career path extensive? Is there room for growth once you reach your career target?

3. Long term outlook:

What do the long term prospects of the sales role look like? How could the role change over time? Could the role become obsolete in the future?

4. Compensation:

How much does the sales role pay? What is the salary range?

5. Inbound/outbound:

Do you prefer to have leads come to you, or do you enjoy the thrill of the hunt and like to prospect for sales leads?

6. Your personality:

Does your personality fit with the role and type of actions required? Which type of sales role best fits your personality type?

6 Types of Sales Jobs

There are many different types of sales jobs to consider. Here are some of the most common:

1. Inside Sales:

This is the most common entry-level type of role in sales. Your job will be to prospect, set appointments, and use cold calling to generate new opportunities. You’ll work in an office or even a call center setting, and have a sales script to follow.

2. Sales Rep:

This is the step above inside sales rep. You’ll be provided with warm qualified leads. Your job is to close. Your job is to present product/service solutions, help buyers overcome issues, handle objections, develop proposals, and get new business.

3. Outside Sales:

This is more of a field role where you spend a good portion of your time on the road. You typically visit clients at their office. You are assigned a geographic territory. However, this type of role is changing as more people use email and other technology rather than communicating in person. This is an ideal role once you’ve already gained some experience in the field.

4. Account Manager:

Sales account managers work with existing customers. Your job is to build long term relationships with your customer base. You are the go-to contact person for customers. Account managers help to retain and grow current accounts. You are ideal for this role if you are a strong relationship builder.

5. Sales Manager:

Sales managers are team leaders. You manage a team of sales reps. Your job is to set sales quotas, analyze performance, provide training and support the sales team. You’ll also play a role in recruitment. You are ideal for this role if you have adequate sales experience and have an interest in managing people.

6. Sales Director/VP of Sales:

Sales executives set the strategic direction for the sales team. You forecast sales projections, look for ways to improve performance and communicate the strategic direction with the rest of the sales team. You are concerned with sustainable growth, staying ahead of the competition, and developing the overall team strategy. You’ll need strong leadership skills and extensive experience in the sales industry for this role. Excellent communication skills are a must.

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