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October 18, 2022

What to Wear and What NOT to Wear to a Sales Job Interview

As a sales recruitment agency, we get a lot of questions from candidates looking for tips and advice about how to best present themselves during sales job interviews. A lot…

Rhys Metler

As a sales recruitment agency, we get a lot of questions from candidates looking for tips and advice about how to best present themselves during sales job interviews. A lot of them wonder what you should and shouldn’t wear during the interview. It’s a good question to ask. Candidates want to present the best version of themselves and make a great impression on the hiring manager and other people they meet during the interview process. 

First, our sales recruiters will give you some advice about what you should wear. Then they’ll give you some tips for things you should leave in your closet. 

Tips for what you should wear during a sales job interview

Sales professionals typically wear more formal attire, but the dress code can change somewhat based on your industry and the organization. Check out this advice to ensure you choose the right outfit for your sales job interview:

  • Research the company dress code: Researching a company’s dress code and culture is a must when deciding what to wear during your sales job interview. Some companies have dress code information on their website. With others, you can get a good sense of the dress code based on their social media accounts. 
  • Wear something that makes you feel good: What you wear can affect how you feel and your level of confidence heading into a meeting. So, choose an outfit that makes you feel good. If you feel good, you’ll give the appearance of being a confident candidate. 
  • Dress as if you were meeting a client: How would you dress if you had a meeting with a top client that you wanted to close? You would dress your best. Do the same when you have an interview coming up. After all, you want to close the employer and get them to choose you to fill the job. 
  • Be you: Everyone has a unique personal style. There are certain things you like to wear. Perhaps you prefer bright clothing over more traditional colours. So, wear them and let your personality shine through. Just choose personal clothing items that fit within the company culture.


Salesperson deciding what to wear for interview

Tips for what NOT to wear during a sales job interview

You don’t want to give the wrong impression to a prospective employer because of what you’re wearing, but it can happen. People are going to judge you based on what you’re wearing. Use these tips to ensure you don’t make a mistake in your wardrobe selection for your interview:

  • Dressing too casually: Even if you are interviewing with a company that has a more casual company culture, it’s still important for you to wear more formal attire during the interview. This is a common mistake that sales candidates make. They dress to fit in rather than trying to dress to impress. Always try to look your very best, especially during the first interview. It’s better to be overdressed than underdressed. 
  • If you’re not sure, choose something different: As a general rule, if you are not sure if a piece of clothing or accessory is appropriate, don’t take a chance. Opt for something different. It’s always better to take a more conservative approach. 

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