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January 4, 2019

Hiring a Sales Advisor? 6 Crucial Interview Questions to Ask

As a sales recruiter, hiring is your opportunity to make your sales team better. One new addition at a time you can improve your team and its overall performance. If…

Rhys Metler

As a sales recruiter, hiring is your opportunity to make your sales team better. One new addition at a time you can improve your team and its overall performance. If you want to hire the best candidate possible, you need to ask the right questions. You only have a limited amount of time to learn as much as possible about a candidate before deciding if they are right for the job or not.

The questions you ask will influence your hiring decision. Here are 6 crucial interview questions to ask sales advisors:

1. Give me an overview of your career to date

This gives the candidate a chance to communicate their elevator speech. It’s their chance to sell themselves to you and a chance for you to see their sales skills in action.

2. What are your short- to mid-term career goals?

Asking this question provides you with insight into how the candidate approaches their career. If they have well laid out goals, it’s a sign they are serious about progressing and being successful.

3. What do you consider your most significant sales achievement to date?

Asking this question provides you with insight into what the candidate has achieved so far. It will also tell you about what the candidate values – do they value sales goals? Do they like challenges? Is sales more than just about the numbers to them?

4. Have you ever had to break up with a client or prospect?

Not all sales are good sales. Sometimes it’s better to cut bait and move on. Asking this question will tell you if candidates have the ability to cut ties if a client is not working out.

5. What does excellent customer service mean to you?

Every sales professional has a unique approach to customer service. This will tell you about their approach and focus.

6. Have you ever had a conflict with a co-worker? How did you resolve it?

This is a commonly asked question for a reason. Conflict is bound to happen, and how people handle it will provide you with insight into their personality and how you can expect them to act in the future.


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Rhys Metler

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