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May 1, 2018

Recruiting Millennials: 4 Engaging Ways to Hire Generation Y

Looking to recruit Generation Y professionals? Who you are trying to recruit can have a big impact on your approach. The way companies are engaging millennials, and Generation Y in…

Rhys Metler

Looking to recruit Generation Y professionals? Who you are trying to recruit can have a big impact on your approach. The way companies are engaging millennials, and Generation Y in particular, continues to evolve.

If you want to compete and attract the best talent of this up and coming generation, you need to understand the things that matter to them. If you don’t, you’ll have trouble connecting and engaging with them during the recruitment process. Our sales recruiters highlight 4 engaging ways to hire millennials.

Engaging Ways to Recruit Generation Y:

1. Connect With Them Where They Hang Out

There is no doubt young job seekers today go online first to look for jobs. They use online job boards and check out company websites. But they also spend significant time on YouTube and popular social media platforms.

Create a unique recruiting experience by connecting with Generation Y professionals on social media. Create engaging and information recruiting videos, share images of company culture, and share important job and career details in places where candidates can gather information during their job hunt. The more accessible you are, the easier it will be for new professionals to find your company.

2. Make Them Feel Valued

Generation Y wants to make a difference. They don’t just want to be an employee; they want to be part of a thriving company culture. Generation Y wants to be part of something and build strong relationships with their peers. You can start the relationship building process by being up front and honest through interactions and when you communicate. Explain how their role can make a difference and how it fits into the larger strategic plans for the company.

3. Let Them Experience the Company Culture

We all spend a lot of time at work. Generation Y understands this and wants to make sure they are going to work for companies with a strong culture and great work environment. The best way to sell them on this is to let them experience it first-hand. When you bring them in for an interview, give them a tour, set up an opportunity for them to speak with some of the employees, and show them how your company culture is fun, engaging, and a place they will look forward to working.

4. Give Them the Information They Are Looking For

Generation Y are information consumers. They’ve grown up tech-savvy and have always had access to information. So it’s no surprise they want as much information as possible about potential jobs and employers.

Show them what they can expect. Provide detailed job descriptions, explain your onboarding process, give them examples of employee successes, and provide them with potential career paths they could pursue.

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