6 years ago
October 16, 2018

Work in Real Estate? 5 Words (or Phrases) to Remove from Your Resume

Just like any other industry, real estate has its own unique rules and conventions for the hiring process. Real estate firms and recruiters have specific things they are looking for…

Claire McConnachie Recruiter
Claire McConnachie

Just like any other industry, real estate has its own unique rules and conventions for the hiring process. Real estate firms and recruiters have specific things they are looking for on a candidate’s resume. There are also some things that are complete turn-offs – for many reasons.

If you work in real estate and are in the process of updating your resume, here are some words and phrases you should remove right away:

1. Irrelevant buzzwords

Buzzwords tend to dominate real estate listings. But they shouldn’t dominate your resume. While words like “dream home,” “prestigious,” and “cozy” may help sell homes, they do not sell hiring managers on you as a candidate.

As a general rule, it’s a good idea to limit industry jargon and insider terms on your resume. Overuse could take the attention away from the valuable information about you. You have limited space; don’t waste it on irrelevant buzzwords.

2. Results oriented

Isn’t everyone results oriented? Don’t we all focus on getting good results? This is particularly the case if you’re an agent or broker. Getting results and selling homes is your primary objective. So, rather than say you are results oriented, use numbers, data, and metrics to show how you get results. Numbers clearly communicate your ability to be productive.

3. Proficient in Microsoft Office

The days of listing Microsoft Office on your resume as a tech skill have come and gone. Everyone can use Word and Excel. Avoid stating the obvious skills that everyone has. Rather, include industry-specific programs you have experience using that will help you in the role you are applying for.

4. Team player

This may be the most overused term on resumes today to the point where it has lost all meaning. Forget about cliché terms like this and focus on providing examples of how you excelled in a team environment. Make it relevant to the job you are looking to get.

5. Hard working

Again, while it may not be real estate specific, this is another example of something you shouldn’t need to say on your resume. Let your experience, skills, and results say it for you.


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Claire McConnachie Recruiter

Claire McConnachie

Claire has 4+ years of experience in sales and recruitment. As a Director of Client Services, her main objective is to connect great people to great companies by building strong relationships with both top clients and candidates in the sales industry. She specializes in sales roles of all seniority levels for both enterprise and start-up clients North American wide. When Claire isn't networking with top talent, she enjoys being outdoors, traveling and spending time with friends & family.