6 years ago
September 4, 2018

Looking for a Job in Sales? 4 Lies to Remove from Your Resume

There are thousands of sales professionals looking to make a career move at any time. Most follow a similar path to exploring job options. Updating your resume is a common…

Rhys Metler

There are thousands of sales professionals looking to make a career move at any time. Most follow a similar path to exploring job options. Updating your resume is a common task. You review your resume to ensure it represents the best version of yourself and matches the job requirements for positions you are applying for.

Another thing sales professionals have in common is they lie on their resumes. In fact, most people do. They lie about experience, skills, job duties and many other things.

We all know getting caught in a lie is a huge risk, and it could cost you a job. Here are some of the most common lies sales recruiters agree you should remove from your resume now:

1. Incomplete degree

It’s common for many people who have some college experience to list a completed degree on their resume, especially if the job they are applying for requires a college degree. The issue here is many companies may request proof of your degree. Many companies are starting to loosen degree requirements for many jobs. List your true academic accomplishments.

2. Overstating sales results

We all want to make a great impression, but overstating results could do more harm than good. If you boast great sales numbers, hiring companies are going to ask you about it, especially if they seem too good to be true. They’ll probably ask your references about it as well, to verify your claims.

3. Listing skills you do not have

Many candidates will simply put down all the skills and requirements they see listed in job ads. Having all requirements is important, but if you are hired under the assumption you have specific skills, you may be in over your head if you get hired.

4. Changing dates on your resume

Avoid playing around with your employment dates. There is no need to. Companies today understand you could have a gap of employment. Maybe you were laid off or you went back to school. Don’t lie about the gap. Rather, focus on explaining why the gap exists.


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Rhys Metler

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