6 years ago
September 6, 2018

Office Perks or Company Culture? 4 Reasons a Good Culture Should Be Priority

Cool office perks don’t attract top talent anymore. No one cares about the ping pong table or cool coffee maker in the break room. While office perks are still nice…

Rhys Metler

Cool office perks don’t attract top talent anymore. No one cares about the ping pong table or cool coffee maker in the break room. While office perks are still nice to have, they are not priorities for sales recruiters and professionals when they are considering applying for a job with your company.

Top sales candidates today are more concerned about your company culture and career development. If you lack a strong culture, have negative reviews, or a poorly defined employment brand, candidates could look elsewhere. Here are 4 reasons a good company culture should be a priority:

1. Good culture attracts good people

A strong company culture is an extremely effective recruiting tool. There is a reason why people have a desire to work at particular companies. It’s because they have great cultures. Having a strong culture helps you create an atmosphere where people want to work. It will improve your employer brand and help you become a destination for sales professionals to work.

2. A boost in retention rates

Finding top sales talent is one thing, but keeping them long term is a completely different story. Most people assume recruiting stops once a candidate is hired, but this is actually just the beginning. Today, sales professionals are not willing to stick it out. If you don’t have a good culture and are not a company where people are proud to work, they’ll find somewhere else to work.

A strong sales culture will make people want to stay, and it will help to improve retention rates. This will also help lower your hiring and recruiting costs over the long term.

3. Strong environment, strong performance

A strong company culture engages, encourages, and pushes people to be their best. A good company culture fosters a high-performance environment where people can reach their potential and grow their career.

4. Strong employer brand

Reputation matters. If you have a good company culture, the odds are you will make a good impression to candidates. This is highly attractive to top sales talent. They’ll want to work for you, and when they get hired, they’ll want to stay and be an active participant in company culture.


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Rhys Metler

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