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January 2, 2018

No Sale?! 5 Common Sales Objections and How to Overcome Them

Too many sales recruiters and reps simply give up and move on when faced with a sales objection. Sales objections are common. You will experience them in most interactions with…

Rhys Metler

Too many sales recruiters and reps simply give up and move on when faced with a sales objection. Sales objections are common. You will experience them in most interactions with prospects. They are part of the sales process. Successful sales recruiters and reps understand this and work on strategies to overcome them.

5 Common Sales Objections Sales Professionals Encounter

1. Price

Price is perhaps the most common objection. It’s normal for prospects and current customers to push back when it comes to pricing. They often push back because they either think your prices are too expensive, they can get a better price from a competitor, or they don’t have the budget.

You can overcome pricing issues by focusing on value and catering solutions to fit a customer’s budget.

2. Fear of changing the status quo

Many customers object to a sales pitch because they are happy with their current situation and don’t want to rock the boat. This happens even if your sales solution offers a number of features and benefits they don’t currently have.

You can overcome this objection by providing examples of success stories. Make it abundantly clear how a change will benefit the customer.

3. Trust

Trust is always a sticking point, especially if you are trying to sell to a new prospect. They may like what you are saying, but they don’t trust you—yet.

You can overcome this objection by investing in the relationship with the prospect. Be upfront and honest, share references and testimonials to build the customer’s trust.

4. Timing of the proposal

Timing is always important. If a client is not ready to buy, they will have some objections. Sometimes, the best way to overcome this objection is to give the customer some time, keep in contact, and reinforce the value of the solution you propose.

5. Need

Many of the prospects you will encounter will say they don’t need what you are selling. Sometimes this will be true; most of the time they use it as leverage. If a prospect fails to see how your solution will help them, they will say they don’t need it.

To overcome this objection, you need to communicate the value of your sales solution and show the prospect how they need it and why they will benefit.

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