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December 12, 2017

Got Sales Stress? How to Handle It Like a Pro

Do you have sales stress? As sales recruiters, we know without a doubt that sales can be a very stressful industry in which to work. There is constant pressure to make…

Rhys Metler

Do you have sales stress? As sales recruiters, we know without a doubt that sales can be a very stressful industry in which to work. There is constant pressure to make deadlines and meet sales quotas.

After a while, the stress can get to you. It can impact your sales performance. It can also impact your health. Therefore, it is important to have effective ways of dealing with stress.

When Does Sales Stress Strike Most Often?

It’s no surprise that stress is often a result of money and performance. Stress most commonly rears its ugly head at the end of the month or end of the quarter. You are under pressure to meet your sales goals. If you are short, you’ll often find yourself stressed. You want to meet your performance goals, and you want the commission that goes along with it.

How to Handle Sales Stress Like a Pro

Here are a number of effective strategies for handling sales stress like a pro:

1.Take a step back:

If you are finding that stress is getting to you, then it may be time to take a step back to re-evaluate your approach to sales. Is there something you are doing to add to your stress?

2. Stick with the program:

Remember all that training you received? Remember that sales tracking system you use? Stick with it. When sales professionals allow stress to get to them, they often forget all the resources they have to improve the situation. Sales has peaks and valleys. Stick with the process where you have found success. The numbers will balance out.

3. Use stress as a motivator:

Stress isn’t always bad. It can be beneficial to salespeople, and learning how to use stress as a motivator can help you become more successful. Use the energy created by stress to challenge yourself. Coming up a bit short in your sales numbers? Use it as motivation to dig deep and meet your goals.

4. Hit the gym:

Exercise is one of the best ways to eliminate stress. So, if you are feeling stressed, get active, go for a jog or hit the gym. Sometimes you can’t get rid of the cause of stress, but you can do something to reduce its impact on you.

5. Take a vacation:

Occasionally, getting away from it all for a little while is exactly what you need. Taking a vacation or even a long weekend can help you recharge and de-stress. A clear mind will help you refocus on your goals.

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