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April 21, 2022

Is It Time to Hire Temporary Sales Staff to Boost Productivity?

Many organizations today are understaffed. There are a lot of people who chose to pursue a different career or just didn’t come back to work once the economy opened up…

Kimmy Nguyen Sales Recruiter
Kimmy Nguyen

Many organizations today are understaffed. There are a lot of people who chose to pursue a different career or just didn’t come back to work once the economy opened up after COVID measures were lifted.

Many of these same companies have limited budgets and don’t have the resources to hire more full-time employees. Many companies also are reluctant to hire for fear of the economy getting shut down once again.

Hiring full-time staff is not the only solution for sales organizations looking to increase their headcount and boost productivity.

You can hire temporary, contract and freelance sales professionals to round out your team and get the added support you need for the short term or long term. If you hire the right temporary worker and they’re successful, you still have the option to hire them full time.

Here are some reasons to put some thought into hiring temporary sales staff:



Some sales teams can learn a lot from a temporary sales worker. Often you can hire more experienced professionals on a contract or freelance basis. They can bring new skills, knowledge and insights that current team members can learn from.

It can boost motivation and productivity

If you have been operating short-staffed, hiring some temporary workers to help will be welcomed by your current team. This can boost morale and motivation. Your team will appreciate that you acted based on their requests for more help.

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Many companies are in a weird holding pattern where they know they need more people, but they don’t know what the future holds because of the pandemic. Hiring temporary workers provides you with the flexibility to hire sales professionals on a short-term basis. You can offer employment terms that fit your business needs and then extend employment or even hire them full-time.

Budget management

Hiring a temporary worker is often a more economical option. You typically don’t pay benefits and you can offer compensation terms that fit within your budgetary restrictions. If things change, you can adjust the employment terms.

It can be a long-term job interview

It is often difficult to know if you have hired the right person until they’ve been in your company for months. Hiring a temporary employee allows you to get a longer look at a person and determine if they are a great fit for your company. If they are, you can offer them a permanent position. If not, you can let their contract expire and move on.

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Kimmy Nguyen Sales Recruiter

Kimmy Nguyen

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