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February 14, 2023

How to Prepare for a Sales Job Interview

So, you’ve secured a sales job interview. Congrats! Your resume has done its job. Now it’s your turn to seize the opportunity and win the job. Like so many other…

Jace Ermidis Toronto Sales Recruiter
Jace Ermidis

So, you’ve secured a sales job interview. Congrats! Your resume has done its job. Now it’s your turn to seize the opportunity and win the job. Like so many other things in life, you will get the result you want if you put in the work. With recent economic woes and more people vying for sales jobs, it’s essential for you to put time into preparing for a sales job interview. Our sales recruiters provide you with some insightful tips for preparing:

1. Do a deep dive into the company

Before the interview, research the company’s products, services, culture, and mission. This will give you a better understanding of the company and help you tailor your responses to fit their needs. But don’t just gloss over the information. Dig in and pull out key information that you can use to show how you’d be an ideal fit for the organization. The more specific you can be, the better. 

2. Review the job description

Study the job description and understand the responsibilities, requirements, and qualifications. Highlight areas where your skills and experience match the job requirements. This will you connect your abilities to what the company is looking for in a candidate. It’s also a good idea to review your resume to connect what you said on your resume to the keep asks on the job description. 

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3. Prepare your sales pitch

As a candidate, it’s your job to sell yourself as a great sales talent. Be prepared to give a short, concise sales pitch that highlights your strengths, experience, and qualifications. But be authentic and avoid trying to tell the interviewer what you think they want to hear. 

It’s also essential for you to prepare your responses to interview questions and your sales pitch with a friend or family member. This will help you feel more confident and comfortable during the interview. To do this, review common sales job interview questions. Familiarize yourself with common sales interview questions. Have a strategy for how you will answer certain questions. Be ready for odd questions that are designed to throw you off and put you on the spot. 

4. Prepare questions for the interviewer

Prepare a list of questions to ask the interviewer during the interview. This demonstrates your interest in the position and the company. Try to avoid asking generic questions. Ask specific questions about the role and other information you uncover when you research the company. 

Once you’ve put in the prep work, choose an outfit that makes you feel confident. Keep it professional and dress based on what you know about the company culture. And, don’t forget to review the logistics of the interview (time, place, directions) so you are ready to go on time. 

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Jace Ermidis Toronto Sales Recruiter

Jace Ermidis

Jace is a sales recruiter with almost a decade of experience building high-performing sales teams in North America, across Europe, Asia, and Australia. He also has plenty of tips to help your sales team increase revenue!