3 years ago
January 21, 2021

How to Address These 6 Common Sales Concerns Regarding COVID

COVID-19 has changed how you operate. It has also changed how your customers approach the buying process. They have more concerns than ever – and more obstacles for your sales…

Rhys Metler

COVID-19 has changed how you operate. It has also changed how your customers approach the buying process. They have more concerns than ever – and more obstacles for your sales reps to overcome.

There is no doubt your customers are going to have a number of concerns regarding how COVID-19 will affect your organization’s ability to offer its products and services. These concerns will arise during the buying/sales process. Sales reps need to be ready to address them. Your customers are going to ask about the following topics. Here are some ways to provide answers about these common sales concerns related to the pandemic:

What Safety Protocols Have You Put in Place?

This may be one of the most common questions you will be asked by your customers. Your company needs to have a detailed answer outlining the specific steps you have taken to ensure your organization is safe and following all health protocols outlined by the provincial government. Keep all sales reps up to date with accurate information. Update them as things change.

Are Your Products Available?

Product availability has become an issue. There have been shortages in many industries. The mad dash for toilet paper and hand sanitizer at the beginning of the pandemic has spread to other areas. In particular, building supplies and gym equipment have been in very high demand. If your products are readily available, great! But, if you suspect you may have shortages, it’s very important to be upfront with your customers. Don’t promise what you cannot deliver. If they are waiting on a product to come in stock, make sure you update them as soon as new information becomes available.

Will There Be Delivery Delays?

Longer delivery times have also become an issue. With a huge reliance on delivery, there have been many delays in order fulfillment and shipping. Do not promise tight delivery windows if you cannot make it happen. Work with your carriers to provide accurate information about when shipments can be expected to arrive at their destinations. People understand there are delays, just be honest about it.

Communication Issues

Reduced hours and limited staff can make communicating with your customers more challenging than ever. But you can’t lose sight of the importance of keeping your customers in the loop. Our sales recruiters know it’s more important than ever to be responsive, communicate updates, and do everything you can to be as available and helpful as possible for your customers during this unique time.

How Can I Get the Same Level of Service If You Are Digital Only?

Everyone has had to make the shift to online and remote operations. This has been a challenge for many companies that have previously relied on providing in-person service. It’s natural for your customers to question your ability to maintain the same level of service. Explain to them how you will still provide top-quality service, even though you are online. Provide them with information about how and where to connect with service and sales reps online.

How Have You Changed? Do You Have a New Purchase Process to Follow?

Every company has made changes to how they operate. Your customers understand that you had to make changes, but it’s vital for you to explain the changes to them. Make it as simple as possible or you could risk losing them.

For example, if you are a non-essential retailer, provide your customers with an updated process for how they can do curbside pickup. Or, if you are a restaurant, clearly explain how the takeout and pickup process works when your customers arrive to get their order.

The pandemic has changed the way companies operate, including our sales recruitment agency… but your customers still expect top-quality service. This starts with addressing their main concerns about how COVID has changed the way you do business. Communicate openly and honestly, and work with your customers to ensure their needs are met.

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