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November 5, 2019

Go Out With a Bang! 5 Great Ways to Finish a Sales Job Interview

How well you prepare for a sales job interview is a key factor in being chosen for the job. While many candidates focus the vast majority of their attention on…

Rhys Metler

How well you prepare for a sales job interview is a key factor in being chosen for the job. While many candidates focus the vast majority of their attention on preparing answers to common interview questions, they often overlook the importance of closing their interview in an impressionable way.

The last few minutes of your time with an interviewer are arguably the most important. According to Toronto sales recruiters, this is your time to leave a lasting impression, differentiate yourself from other candidates, and win the job. You need to go out with a bang to keep your name top of mind.

In this blog, Toronto sales headhunters will outline some effective ways to leave a lasting impression and finish your sales job interview with a bang.

Great Ways to Finish a Sales Job Interview

Your approach to how you will end the job interview will depend on how you feel the interview has gone. If you feel like you’ve effectively communicated that you are the best candidate and have a good chance of winning the job, you’ll want to finish with a strong summary statement. But, if you feel as though there are still things you want to communicate, it’s important to use the last few minutes of the interview to get across why you’re a top contender.

Here are some great ways to finish a sales job interview:

1. Is There Anything Else You Would Like to Discuss/Follow Up With?

There will be times during interviews when you feel as though you didn’t answer a question in the best way. Or perhaps you noticed the interviewer react to a certain answer. Asking this question gives the interviewer the opportunity to circle back and ask follow-up questions. It also gives you the chance to provide more information and eliminate any confusion.

2. I’d Like to Address….

Feel like you didn’t have a chance to speak about one of your strengths? Did the interviewer not ask a question that you think you would knock out of the park? Request some time to address it at the end of the interview, especially if you feel it will improve your chances and raise your stock as a top contender.

3. I Am the Best Candidate Because…

So, you’ve answered all the questions. You think you’ve done well. The end of the interview is the time to drive home your key points. Summarize with a well thought out elevator speech.

Once you’ve had the opportunity to ask your questions, you need to finish the job interview with an impactful closing statement. Recommunicate your interest, restate your skills and explain why you are the best candidate for the job. If you have a special skill or certain type of experience you are confident other candidates don’t make it known. Avoid trying to be too salesy.

4. I Want the Job

It’s a bold move to make, but if you want to go out with a bang and make an impression, asking for the job will certainly make you a memorable candidate. When you ask for the job, it shows you have initiative and are not afraid to ask for what you want. It also reaffirms your interest and desire. Make it clear this is the role you want and it’s your top priority.

5. When Can I Expect to Hear From You?

Finally, always ask the hiring manager when you can expect to hear from them about the next steps. Once they provide you with an answer, tell them you look forward to hearing from them.

Go out with a bang by being extra gracious not only to the interviewer but everyone else you encounter on your way out. Say thank you to the receptionist and anyone else you met during your time with the company. These interactions matter.

Toronto sales headhunters encourage sales candidates to be extra gracious at the end of a sales interview

Always remember – the last few minutes of a job interview are vital. Make them count!

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