6 years ago
August 7, 2018

Don’t Be a Sell Out! 4 Sales Tips to Sell Without Selling

Many people are put off by high pressure sales. They have grown weary of persuasive sales tactics. People are also now more educated about the variety of sales tactics used…

Rhys Metler

Many people are put off by high pressure sales. They have grown weary of persuasive sales tactics. People are also now more educated about the variety of sales tactics used to convince them to make a purchase.

For sales recruiters and reps, this new reality has made sales even more challenging. It has caused countless sales professionals and organizations to rethink their approach to sales. What is the best approach? How can we improve our sales process and how we interact with customers to improve the overall experience?

Sell Without Selling!

The hard sell and specialized sales tactics are not always the best approach. Sometimes focusing on other things can actually help you sell without actually doing any selling at all. Here are 4 sales tips to sell without selling:

1. Build Strong Relationships

Strong relationships are at the core of almost any business interaction. People are more willing to buy from people they know and people they trust. You can’t expect a customer you met yesterday to buy into a large purchase order. The bigger the sales transaction, the more important it is for reps to build a strong bond.

2. Be a Trusted Advisor

Always provide added value to your customers. While you are working on building your relationship, act as a trusted advisor. Provide them with useful information and be there to answer their questions. The more of a resource you become, the more embedded you will become with that client.

3. Show Them

Rather than trying to sell your customers on a product, spend some time showing them how it works. Give them the chance to try it out and see its usefulness in practice. This insight will help them gain a deeper understanding of why they need the product and how they can benefit from it.

4. Alter Your Pitch

When you take the time to build good relationships and serve as a trusted advisor for your customers, you’ll have all the information you need to customize your pitch to meet your customers’ needs. Every client is unique, and you need to make sure you are addressing issues and helping to provide them with solutions that help their specific business.

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Rhys Metler

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