3 years ago
November 5, 2020

Will the Second Wave of COVID Crash the Sales Job Market?

The second wave of the COVID-19 virus is upon us. While it’s just getting started and we are seeing numbers start to rise again, there is no question it will…

Rhys Metler

The second wave of the COVID-19 virus is upon us. While it’s just getting started and we are seeing numbers start to rise again, there is no question it will have an impact on the economy and sales job market. The real question many sales talents and companies are thinking about is will it lead to a crash? 

We all saw the economic impact the first wave of the coronavirus had on the job market. Fortunately, the Canadian economy has been able to recover many of the jobs that were lost in the first round of the shutdown. In total, we lost 3 million jobs, but we’ve also gained back all but 750,000 of these jobs. 

“Canada’s economy is bouncing back in recent months following the lifting of pandemic lockdowns. The labour market recovered nearly two-thirds of jobs lost during the height of the pandemic. Sadly, the recovery is losing momentum because of a major disruption, the second wave of COVID-19,” says Christopher Liew, CFA in Will the 2nd COVID Wave Bring a 2nd Market Crash?

He adds, “The Conference Board of Canada forecasts the pace of economic recovery to flatten, if not stall, between now and mid-2021. Aside from the rising cases of COVID-19, the cold weather in winter will aggravate the situation. On the investment front, stocks might be facing another swift and severe market crash.”

So, how will a second wave impact the sales job market? Here are some potential outcomes from Toronto sales recruiters.

Sales Job Market Depends on the Economy

With the number of cases of the virus on the rise, it’s clear the numbers are trending in the wrong direction. This is a cause for concern. 

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“What’s worse, though, is that case numbers are rising as Canada’s economic recovery has lost some of its velocity, and it could lose more still if an increasing number of coronavirus cases keeps wary customers at home and forces the need for more government-imposed restrictions on people and businesses. Further compounding the problem is that winter is drawing near, causing concern for businesses that may have been finding additional revenue by operating outdoors,” says Geoff Zochodne in the Financial Post

As the economy goes, so will the sales job market. If there is another large shutdown, we can expect sales companies to put hiring on hold. We can also expect layoffs and adjustments to work conditions, such as changes to work schedules. What sales companies, and others, do have going for them is we’ve been through this before. We now know what to expect, we are better positioned to handle the pandemic, and we have the resources to manage it much better than the first time.

“Put it all together and the second wave of the virus could mean a second wave of layoffs for some firms. And although these job losses may not be as breathtaking in scale as in the early days of the pandemic, it would start by hitting industries that have already been hit plenty hard, straining the already-strained,” says Zochodne.

What Can We Expect for the Sales Job Market?

It’s still impossible to predict whether or not there will be a crash in the sales job market, but there are some trends we can expect:

  • People shift to buying online: Expect online sales to thrive as they did during the first wave of the pandemic. There are still many companies that have thrived during the time. Look for sales and other related jobs in this area to be available, shutdown or not. 
  • Less of an extreme reaction: Companies will have less of an extreme reaction but will still operate with caution. Expect some companies to put hiring on hold for the time being. Some may even need to trim their staff. So, you can likely expect some layoffs. 
  • Competition for jobs will increase: With fewer jobs available and the potential for more sales professionals to be out of work, you can expect there to be stiff competition for the sales jobs that are available. Companies that are hiring will be on the lookout for exceptional talent. 

There are still many unknowns in play. Will the second wave of the coronavirus crash the sales job market? It’s not clear. But, whether you are a sales company or job candidate, you need to be prepared for anything. 

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