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October 18, 2018

6 Tips to Respectfully Fire a Sales Rep

Having to fire a sales rep from your team is not something sales managers look forward to. For whatever reason you have to let them go, it can be a…

Jace Ermidis Toronto Sales Recruiter
Jace Ermidis

Having to fire a sales rep from your team is not something sales managers look forward to. For whatever reason you have to let them go, it can be a blow to your team, impact morale, change the team dynamic, and it can also be a sign that you failed when hiring.

As with many other processes within sales, there is a right way to do things and a wrong way. Here we look at some tips to respectfully fire a sales rep:

1. Have a firing process in place

A well-developed process for terminating employees needs to be established. Sales reps should be well aware of actions that are cause for dismissal and actions that, if not improved, could lead to getting fired. Warnings, additional training, and meetings discussing shortcomings should be held well in advance.

2. Do it now

Don’t avoid firing a sales rep because you don’t like doing it. If a rep has done things that are grounds for dismissal, fire them now. You need to set an example for other employees so they know if they don’t follow a certain standard, the result will be the loss of their job.

3. Be clear and direct

Firing someone can be emotional. Therefore, it’s important to be clear and direct with them. Keep it short and to the point.

4. Provide support

Expect sales reps to have questions. They are going to want to know what happens next in terms of the last day of work, final pay, benefits, and paperwork. Support them and help them deal with all of these tasks.

5. Show compassion

Be compassionate about the situation. Try to make the firing meeting as easy for the sales rep as possible. Hold the meeting at the end of the day, be supportive, offer to be a reference, and take other action to help lessen the blow.

6. Speak with the rest of the team

Set some time aside to speak with the rest of your team. Be open and honest, explain the transition plan and answer questions to avoid the spread of rumors and false information.


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Jace Ermidis Toronto Sales Recruiter

Jace Ermidis

With 10 years of sales, management, and recruitment experience across multiple industries, Jace has helped numerous businesses (including many Fortune 500 companies) build high performing, quota smashing Sales teams. Jace provides an honest and consultative experience, while helping his clients hire smarter, faster, and more confidently! When he’s not networking with Toronto’s best Sales talent, Jace likes to travel, snowboard, and watch sports.