7 years ago
March 21, 2017

5 Psychology Tricks to Help You Sell Better and Faster

Struggling? Having issues closing the deal? Falling short of your quota? Try these 5 Psychology Tricks to Help You Sell Better and Faster.

Rhys Metler

Your main focus as a sales rep is to sell – and sell as quickly and efficiently as possible to boost your sales numbers. However, there will be times where you are either stuck in a rut or are having difficulty closing. This can be attributed to many things, such as external factors (issues in personal life), your attitude toward what you are selling or to whom you are selling, or many other reasons.

Whether you want to get yourself back on track or take your sales performance to the next level, there are actually a number of psychology tricks that you can use to convert more prospects into paying customers.

5 Psychology Tricks to Help You Sell Better and Faster

An infographic from Help Scout outlines a number of psychological tricks you can use as part of your sales process. Here are the most notable tricks to add to your sales toolbox:

1. Understand the 3 types of buyers:

No two buyers will be exactly the same, but there are a number of common types of buyers – tightwads, average spenders, and spendthrifts. Knowing who you are selling to can help you adjust your sales strategy to connect with the buyer on a deeper level.

2. Look for shared values:

People are more likely to buy from you if you have shared values and stand for the same principles. Explore a buyer’s website, and listen carefully to identify things that are important to them.

3. Use labels:

Labels have an impact on actions. Therefore, labelling a buyer as part of a particular group will help them better reflect the characteristics of the group. For example, a behavior study that looked at voting patterns found that people who were randomly labeled as “politically active” were 15% more likely to vote.

4. Set minimums:

Rather than going for a homerun with each sale, sometimes all it takes is to let your customers know about the minimum action they need to take to break them free from action paralysis. Reminding them that the first month is free or they can have a free trial can get the ball rolling toward closing the deal.

5. A have surprise or two up your sleeve:

Build “wow” moments into your sales process. Offering prospects something they didn’t expect can change their perspective or attitude toward your offerings.

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