7 years ago
April 11, 2017

5 Marketing Tactics a Salesperson Should Know

There is a lot of crossover between sales and marketing. Learn more about the marketing tactics a salesperson should know to improve their sales abilities.

Rhys Metler

Sales and marketing are very much tied together, and there is a lot a salesperson can learn and leverage from effective marketing tactics. At the end of the day, sales and marketing share a common goal – to bring in more business.

Bryson Kearl from HubSpot, discusses how sales and marketing, when working cohesively together, can benefit from one another:

“A sales team and marketing team can make beautiful music together when their strategies are in harmony. The marketing team engages in activities that get people interested in your company, and the sales team effectively develops interpersonal relationships with those prospects and convinces them to sign the dotted line. All the while, the two teams communicate with each other to improve the process, causing the cash register to ring more frequently with each adjustment.”

So, which marketing tactics should salespeople know to help them improve their skills and knowledge? Here’s five:

1. Know your target market:

One of the first things any marketer will tell you is that you need to know who you are marketing to if you want to see success. The same can be said for sales reps. If you don’t know who you are selling to, how can you expect to establish a trusting relationship? If you don’t understand your audience, your sales numbers will dip.

2. Tell a story:

All great marketing campaigns and strategies tell a story. Stories help people relate to a product or service, and help them build up the confidence to make a purchase decision.

3. Leverage big data:

The numbers don’t lie, and they can also provide you with some much needed insights into when a person is ready to buy and when you should nurture the lead for a little longer.

4. Create an emotional connection:

Most people make purchase decisions based on emotions and then add logic to the decision later. People are more willing to make a purchase when they feel connected to a person, product, or service. Work on creating an emotional connection before asking for the sale.

5. Think long term:

Many sales reps get caught up in the short term – making the sale – and forget about the long term potential of a sale. Creating, nurturing, and expanding your network and developing good relationships with people will expand your sales funnel and open up new opportunities. Even if your current prospect doesn’t work out, if you have a good relationship, it could spawn multiple additional leads.

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