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April 1, 2021

5 Best Work From Home Sales Jobs for 2021

Working from home has become the norm these days. COVID-19 has pushed forward a trend that was already gaining steam. Prior to the pandemic, many companies allowed employees to work…

Rhys Metler

Working from home has become the norm these days. COVID-19 has pushed forward a trend that was already gaining steam. Prior to the pandemic, many companies allowed employees to work remotely on occasion. Today, most people are working from home if they can. Companies are seeing the value in having people work from home. Many are now offering new positions as remote roles.

The sales industry is no different. In the past, many sales reps have worked remotely in a sense. They would be on the road frequently, visiting customers onsite. But many other sales roles are now turning into work from home roles. If you want to work from home or currently do and are looking to make a job switch, there are plenty of opportunities. We outline them here.

Work From Home Sales Jobs to Consider

Sales is a diverse field. There are plenty of opportunities that will allow you to work from home in both outbound and inbound sales capacities.

1. Sales Account Executive

Sales account executives exist in most industries. Your job is to work with the top customer of your organization. They are the big accounts and it’s vital you keep them in-house year after year. Your job can be as much relationship building and customer service as it is sales. You’ll be in regular contact with your clients to ensure they are completely satisfied. But, rather than working from the office, you’ll manage these accounts from home.

2. Insurance Broker

Insurance brokers work independently of insurance companies. They can offer insurance products from a variety of companies. Depending on the brokerage, you can sell auto, home, commercial, life, and travel insurance to individuals or companies. All you will need is remote access to the company’s software system to provide quotes and issue new insurance policies.

3. Advertising Agent

Companies continue to shift a larger portion of their budget to online advertising and marketing. As an advertising agent, it’s your role to bring in new customers and sell them on your programs, products, and services. With the emphasis on e-commerce, you will work remotely yourself. You will use online tools to communicate with customers, build relationships, and manage accounts.

4. Business Intelligence Sales

Big data, analytics, and software solutions to manage and store information are vital for organizations. Business intelligence firms rely on sales reps to get the word out to customers about analytics solutions and software they can implement to better manage important and confidential data. You’ll communicate with customers, provide demos and offer support remotely.

5. Fundraising/ Major Gifts

Many organizations need to raise capital. Large charitable organizations, research facilities, and academic institutions rely on fundraising to support operations. As a fundraiser, your role will be to research, build relationships, and solicit major gifts. You can serve as an organizational advocate and execute your role from home.

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