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November 16, 2023

10 Things to Do When A Sales Recruiter Calls You

Using a sales recruiter can give your job search a boost. It’s one of the best actions you can take I you are struggling to garner interest and secure job…

Brandon Biafore Sales Recruiter
Brandon Biafore

Using a sales recruiter can give your job search a boost. It’s one of the best actions you can take I you are struggling to garner interest and secure job interviews with employers.

There are also situations where you could get a call from a recruiter because they’ve connected with you via social media or have viewed your profile on LinkedIn. But one thing is for sure – regardless of how they contact you, you need to be ready to have a productive conversation.

Since our sales recruiters are well-versed in talking with sales professionals about job opportunities, we thought we’d share some things you can do when you speak with a recruiter:

1. Be Prepared

Before the call, thoroughly research the company and the specific position for which the recruiter is reaching out. Understand the company’s products, services, industry, mission, and values. Familiarize yourself with the role’s responsibilities and requirements. Being prepared demonstrates your genuine interest in the opportunity.

2. Answer The Call Promptly

Answer the recruiter’s call as soon as possible. Promptly answering the call signals your professionalism and eagerness to engage with the opportunity. Missing or delaying a recruiter’s call may give the impression of disinterest or lack of commitment.

3. Start With A Professional Greeting

When you answer the call, greet the recruiter professionally and politely. A simple “Hello” or “Good [morning/afternoon]” followed by your name is appropriate. Use a warm and confident tone to set a positive tone for the conversation.

Maintain professionalism from the beginning to the end of the call, and uphold a high level of professionalism. Stay positive, respectful, and courteous. Avoid interrupting the recruiter and practice good phone etiquette. A professional demeanour reflects well on your ability to represent the company in a sales role.

4. Express Enthusiasm About The Interaction

Throughout the call, convey your excitement and enthusiasm for the opportunity. Use positive language to express your interest and motivation for the role. Enthusiasm is infectious and can leave a lasting impression on the recruiter.


5. Ask Questions

Demonstrate your interest by asking insightful questions about the role and the company. Inquire about the team, company culture, goals, and the specific challenges you might face in the role. Asking questions not only shows your engagement but also helps you gather valuable information.

6. Inquire About Next Steps

Seek clarity on the next steps in the recruitment process. Ask about potential interview dates, assessments, or other key milestones. Understanding the process allows you to be better prepared and shows your commitment to moving forward.

7. Be Honest

Throughout the conversation, maintain honesty and transparency. Provide accurate information about your qualifications, experience, and availability. Misrepresentation can lead to mistrust, which is detrimental to your candidacy.

8. Respect The Recruiter’s Time

Be respectful of the recruiter’s time. Keep the conversation focused, concise, and on-topic. Avoid tangents or going off on unrelated discussions. This respect for time shows your professionalism and efficiency.

9. Confirm Details Of The Job

Before concluding the call, confirm essential details, such as the job title, location, and the expected salary range, if mentioned. Clarity on these particulars ensures there are no misunderstandings.

10. Express Gratitude And Say Thank You

End the call by expressing gratitude for the recruiter’s time and the opportunity to discuss the role. A simple “Thank you for considering me” or a similar expression of appreciation leaves a positive and courteous impression.

By following these expanded guidelines, you can effectively engage with a sales recruiter, leaving a lasting positive impression and increasing your chances of moving forward in the recruitment process.

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Brandon Biafore Sales Recruiter

Brandon Biafore

With a background successfully leading sales teams (overseeing training & development, driving sales & revenue, and ensuring delivery of exceptional customer service while executing cost control), Brandon is a sales recruiter with a solid understanding of what it takes to succeed in sales leadership role, as well as the challenges faced by hiring managers in finding top sales talent.