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November 12, 2019

When Is the Best Time to Hire Salespeople? 6 Things to Consider.

Do you have a hiring need? Not sure when is the best time to hire salespeople? Many organizations struggle with when they should hire and add to their sales team….

Rhys Metler

Do you have a hiring need? Not sure when is the best time to hire salespeople? Many organizations struggle with when they should hire and add to their sales team.

There are certain times of the year and there are certain cycles in your business when you may need to add to your sales team. But it doesn’t always mean you should. Hiring is an important decision and there are many factors to consider – budget, impact on culture, performance, necessary or reactionary, and much more.

In this blog, Toronto sales recruiters outline some of the best times to hire salespeople and build out your sales team:

1. Your Business Is Growing

Many new companies struggle with the best time to hire that first sales rep. It’s often recommended to wait as long as possible to hire a salesperson. For many start-ups, you’ve likely been thinking about the prospects of hiring a sales rep from day one. Like most new business owners, you’re probably working well over 40 hours per week and wearing many different hats, including that of a salesperson. If sales are strong, you have a great product, and can no longer do the job of a salesperson and run the company, now is the time to hire a sales professional to handle the sales function of your business. They can handle the sales process, lead generation, manage your sales funnel and help your business generate new business.

2. New Calendar Year

A new calendar year signals a fresh start for most companies. The holiday season is over and it’s time to get back to business. Within the sales industry, January is a common time for sales reps to make career moves. With many reps on the lookout for new opportunities, this is a great time of the year to recruit and add to your sales team. Start the year strong with a new sales rep or two to bolster your team.

3. New Fiscal Year

A new fiscal year for your company is a common time for sales companies to go on a hiring spree. You have a new budget to work with, you have new resources and you will know for sure if you can afford to add a new rep to your team.

Toronto sales recruiters recommend hiring at the start of a new fiscal year

4. Upward Sales Projections

Do sales projections look strong? Is your company seeing long term growth projections?  It’s important to capitalize on strong sales forecasts by ensuring you have enough sales reps on your team. Hiring when your company is growing ensures your team does not get overwhelmed. It also ensures you can adequately meet sales demand, offer high-quality services and close as much new business as possible.

5. Slumping Sales Team

Is your sales team struggling? Have things become stagnant? Are your sales reps not performing up to your standards? Hiring new salespeople may be just what your sales team needs to get back on track. New sales reps can add new energy to your sales team and help them snap them out of their slump.

Sometimes you need to replace underperforming sales reps with fresh faces to ensure your company achieves the desired results. Don’t allow your team to slump and underperform for too long or it could have long term negative effects on your sales team as a whole.

6. Before Promoting a Top Sales Rep

Are you planning on promoting a top sales rep to a management role? Before you have a big gap in your sales team and are spending your time ramping up your newest sales manager, hire pre-emptively. Hiring before the promotion gives the new sales rep time to get accustomed to their job, ensures you have found a suitable replacement, and it also gives the departing sales rep time to mentor the new hire. Hiring before you promote can help ease the transition for everyone.

There isn’t one perfect time to hire salespeople. Every sales company is different. For some, it may be an ideal time to hire, while for others it’s time to put on a hiring freeze or even cut back. The key is to understand your business needs, make informed hiring decisions, and hire the best people when the time is right.

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