11 months ago
May 25, 2023

Don’t Lose Your Sales Superstar: The Top 6 Reasons Candidates Decline Job Offers

If you find a superstar during your sales recruitment efforts, the last thing you want to happen is to have them decline your job offer. But it happens to sales…

Brandon Biafore Sales Recruiter
Brandon Biafore

If you find a superstar during your sales recruitment efforts, the last thing you want to happen is to have them decline your job offer. But it happens to sales companies all the time. Why? It usually has something to do with the offer you make to them. We asked our sales recruiters about this and they came up with this list of the main reasons sales professionals might reject a job offer:

1. Money

It’s not a shock to see this as the top reason. It’s perhaps to top reason any job candidate would reject an offer. If the offered salary and commission structure is not competitive or does not meet the candidate’s expectations, they may choose to decline the job offer. Never lowball a candidate. Make sure your offer is in line with industry standards.

2. There is a lack of perks and benefits included in the sales job offer

People expect some form of benefits when taking a job. Sales professionals often expect additional perks and benefits, such as health insurance, retirement plans, flexible work arrangements, or performance incentives. If the job offer lacks attractive perks or benefits, candidates may reject it in favour of better options.

Why Do Candidates Decline Job Offers

3. There are limited opportunities to grow beyond the current role

Sales professionals are often motivated by career growth and advancement. If they perceive limited opportunities for growth within the company or see a lack of clear career progression, they may reject the job offer.

4. The candidate doesn’t believe in the product/service

Sales professionals want to believe in the product or service they are selling. If they feel that the product/service is not compelling or lacks market demand, they may decline the job offer. Many people may also not be comfortable selling certain products that do not fit with their personal values.

5. You have unreasonable sales quotas or performance expectations

Sales professionals are typically driven by targets and goals. If the targets set by your company are unrealistic or unachievable, they may consider the job offer unappealing. Top sales talent know what is and are not a realistic expectation of them.

6. There is not an emphasis on work-life balance and other company culture issues

Sales roles often involve long hours and high-pressure situations. If the job offer does not offer a reasonable work-life balance or if the expectations for working hours are excessive, candidates may choose to decline the offer. People also value a positive and supportive work environment. If a candidate feels the company culture doesn’t align with their values, they may opt not to accept the job offer.

These are the most common reasons for sales professionals to reject a job offer. Be cognizant of these when putting together employment offers. It’s important to note that different individuals may prioritize these reasons differently, and personal circumstances can also play a significant role in the decision-making process.

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Brandon Biafore Sales Recruiter

Brandon Biafore

With a background successfully leading sales teams (overseeing training & development, driving sales & revenue, and ensuring delivery of exceptional customer service while executing cost control), Brandon is a sales recruiter with a solid understanding of what it takes to succeed in sales leadership role, as well as the challenges faced by hiring managers in finding top sales talent.