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July 13, 2018

Did Your Sales Interview Go Well? 6 Telltale Signs It Did

One of the first questions people will ask you after you’ve had a sales interview is, “How did it go?” It’s a great question to ask because many people are…

Rhys Metler

One of the first questions people will ask you after you’ve had a sales interview is, “How did it go?” It’s a great question to ask because many people are not sure how well they did. Some people think they nailed the interview and don’t get the job. Others think they could have done better but were offered the job.

There are some telltale signs during the interview that they are interested and you did well in selling yourself as a potential hire for the organization.

Signs Your Sales Job Interview Went Well

If any of the following happens during the sales job interview, it’s a good sign:

1. Recruiters Ask About Other Opportunities You Are Pursuing

This is always a good sign. If interviewers think you may be the one, they want to see how much competition there is for your services. They want to see if you are just starting your search or have other offers to know how quickly they will have to act.

2. The Interview Runs Long

If the interview runs long, it’s a sign there is interest. They may ask more questions, provide you with more information about the role and put more effort into selling you on the company. This also means they are prioritizing your interview over other tasks.

3. The Recruiter Tries to Learn More About You on a Personal Level

If your conversation goes from strictly business to a little more casual in nature, it’s a sign the interviewer is trying to bond with you on a more personal level. This is a sign you are in serious consideration, and they want to learn about who you are and what you’d be like to work with on a daily basis.

4. You Get Introduced to Others

Getting introduced to other managers, a potential direct manager, co-workers and people you would be working with is a great sign.

5. They Ask You to Follow Up If You Have More Questions

When an interviewer goes out of their way to ensure you have access to them post-interview, it means they want to sell you on the company. Often, questions arise after the interview is complete. Offering their email or cell number shows they want to make sure you have interest, as well.

6. They Are Clear About Next Steps and Timelines

If the interview ends with a clear timeline for the next communication and next steps, it’s a sign you are likely on the short list of candidates.

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