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June 22, 2018

Ask The Interviewer! 4 Questions to Ask the Recruiter When Applying for a Sales Position

A sales job interview is not only your opportunity to convince a company to hire you, it’s also your chance to assess the company and see if it is an…

Rhys Metler

A sales job interview is not only your opportunity to convince a company to hire you, it’s also your chance to assess the company and see if it is an organization you want to work for. Therefore, it’s important to have questions ready for the interviewer when preparing for your next sales job interview.

At some point in almost all interviews, your sales recruiter will ask if you have any questions. This is your chance to learn more about the company and get clarification about everything discussed.

It is also your chance to show interviewers that you are interested, you did your homework, and you are a top candidate for the position.

Which questions should you ask? This depends on the type of role and what is important to you. In general, there are a number of questions you should consider asking when applying for a sales position. We’ve outlined them here:

1. How Does My Role Fit Within Overall Company Goals?

This will provide you with some insights into where your role stands within the organization. Understanding where you stand internally will help you have a better overall perspective when doing your job. It will also tell you how your job impacts other areas of the organization.

2. What Do You Like About Working for the Company?

Asking the interviewer what they personally like about working for the company will give you good insight into the company culture and what you can expect as an employee. You’ll get more of a realistic perspective of day-to-day operations versus what you have read on the company website.

3. What Is the Internal Career Path for People in My Role?

Asking this question gives you insight into how the company hires internally, helps salespeople grow professionally, and potential opportunities for you in the future.

4. Do You Have Any Questions About My Qualifications?

This is a great way for candidates to have the chance to address any concerns the interviewer may have about previous answers or what is outlined on your resume. A little clarification can go a long way to helping you become a leading candidate.


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