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December 16, 2020

7 Qualities to Look for When Hiring a Sales Recruiter

One of the fastest ways to improve your hiring efforts is to work with a sales recruiter. Whether you’ve been struggling to hire the right sales talent or it’s time…

Rhys Metler

One of the fastest ways to improve your hiring efforts is to work with a sales recruiter. Whether you’ve been struggling to hire the right sales talent or it’s time for your company to change the way it thinks about hiring, partnering with a sales recruiter is ideal.

Top sales recruiters have a diverse set of skills. It is a competitive marketplace and the best of the best encompasses the skills and experience needed to excel in the role. Some skills will always be important to the role such as communications, relationship building, and perseverance. But recruiters today also need to be tech-savvy and know how to connect with talent online.

“In today’s world recruiters need to have a diverse set of skills to make a transformative impact. As the economy and job market continues to pick up, the demand for recruiters will continue to rise. It’s hard enough to find good recruiters; finding great recruiters that can transform your company is a real test,” says Lars Schmidt on Forbes.com.

Make sure the sales recruiter you choose to work with has these important qualities:

Sales Recruiters “Get” Sales

There are a lot of recruiters out there. As with many other industries, while a generalist can be effective, a specialist can help you with your recruitment efforts that much more. Working with a recruiter who specializes in sales, and understands the industry and the type of talent you are looking for will help you more effectively recruit the right type of people for your organization. Sales recruiters “get” sales and everything it encompasses.

Sales Trend Adaptability

A lot can change very quickly on the talent and organizational side of things. Top sales recruiters stay on top of industry trends and factors that can impact the marketplace. COVID-19 was the perfect example of the need for adaptability. While some companies stood still, others used sales recruiters to identify opportunities and improve their organization during the pandemic. Sales recruiters can help you make these all-important strategic decisions as things change over time.

Sales Recruiters Are Exceptional Communicators

Recruiting is a people business. You talk to candidates, hiring companies, and bridge the gap. You build relationships and create a large network of connections. This is extremely challenging to do well if you are not an exceptional communicator. Top sales recruiters excel at communicating face to face, on the phone, through email, text, instant messenger and just about any other means. They keep you up to date about the recruitment process and are honest and upfront with you.

Recruiters Listen First, Take Action Second

No two sales organizations have exactly the same hiring needs. Sure, you may be looking at the same pool of candidates, but there are certain things you may prioritize that other companies do not. Great recruiters listen first. They take the time to understand your situation before they start putting a recruitment plan into action.

Search Firms Are Digitally Savvy

Digital recruiting has never been more important. Over the past few years, social media, digital marketing, SEO, and online strategies have become the focal point for countless recruitment campaigns. The talent you want to hire is online, and the best sales recruiters know where and how to find them.

To this point, effective recruiters do not just make gut decisions. They are driven by data and use it to make strategic decisions. They use data to build custom talent pools, to assess candidates, and help you make the most informed hiring decisions.

Sales Recruiters Have a Passion for Recruiting

There is a stark difference when you work with someone who has a passion for what they do versus someone who views their role as a job. It’s important for sales recruiters to love what they do because it can be extremely challenging and stressful at times. When recruiters have a passion for what they do, they will have the right mentality when times are tough. They will do what it takes to persevere. They see obstacles as a challenge, and they will do everything they can to help you succeed with your hiring goals and objectives.

Recruiters Are Persuasive

Recruiting and sales are very similar. Recruiting is a type of sales to some degree. Great recruiters not only know how to find great talent, but they can also help you close. When a top recruiter identifies a match between company and candidate, they have a knack for bringing both parties together to create a win-win situation for everyone.

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