7 years ago
May 16, 2017

6 Common Issues to Avoid in Sales Resumes

Your resume is the key factor in getting the sales job you want. Here are 6 Common Issues to Avoid in Sales Resumes to ensure you get an interview callback.

Rhys Metler

A great resume is an important career tool. However, many sales professionals commit the same errors on their resume time and time again.

Many sales professionals also lose sight of the fact that the goal of your resume is not to get the job, it’s to get an interview. The interview is what will get you the job. Plus, how many companies do you know that hire based on a resume alone?

If you want a top quality sales resume that will generate more interview requests, then it’s important to avoid these common issues with sales resumes:

1. Vagueness:

Be specific with your duties and accomplishments. General descriptions and phrases tell hiring companies very little about your capabilities.

2. Not optimized for the specific role: 

A one-size-fits-all approach no longer works for sales resumes. Sales professionals need to adjust their resumes to be specific to the job for which they are applying. While this will take more time and effort, it will increase your odds of getting a call back.

3. Focusing on duties, not accomplishments:

Most people’s resumes include a list of duties from previous jobs. A more effective approach is to focus on what you accomplished in your previous positions. It’s more powerful and tells hiring companies what you are capable of achieving.

4. Typos:

Always proofread your resume. Better yet – have someone else review your resume to ensure it is free of typos and grammatical issues. A second look by another sales professional can help catch common typos.

5. A lack of numbers and stats:

Statistics are very telling for sales professionals, and including them in your resume is an effective way to communicate your effectiveness.

6. Poor formatting:

No one wants to read large chunks of text, in fact, they won’t read it. Format your resume, using headers and bullet points, so that your resume is scannable and recruiters can quickly get an overview of who you are, your experience, and accomplishments. White space is a good thing!

Following these resume tips will help you polish your resume and increase your chances of securing a job interview.

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Rhys Metler

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